Aug 29 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: The 2017 Season Preview Addition

We promised you a lightning preview and we delivered, um, something else. Last night we recorded our season preview and it went on a little longer than we planned. But can you really blame us? We’re just so excited for the Dukes to defend their title.

Give it a listen to hear us break down the position groups, discuss the other CAA contenders, and talk about our expectations for the Dukes. And to prove we’re well rounded, we even offer a few last minute summer reading selections.

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Aug 27 / Rob

Game Week is Finally Here

2016 FCS ChampsWe made it folks. It’s finally game week. As we always do, let us please extend our deepest gratitude to those of you who stuck around all summer and managed to wade through the muck on the blog to get to this point. Or maybe we should apologize for putting you through it. And while we’re at it, welcome back to those of you who (wisely?) gave JMU sports and this blog a break for the summer, but are now tuning  back in. We’re certainly ready for the 2017 season to kick off and we’re sure you are too.

So what did you miss? Well, not much to be honest. We got hacked last week. That was something. Thankfully, it looks like we managed to recover everything by restoring to a backup. We did lose about 2 weeks worth of comments though. Other than that, we actually took it pretty easy for the summer. We tried to limit the absolutely worthless filler crap, and instead just post some relatively worthless filler crap. Oh, and we started a podcast. Please give subscribe and give it a listen via Bumpers or iTunes. We’re still in the training wheels stage, but we’re having a blast and plan on continuing on a weekly (or close to it) basis.

Here’s what we have in store for this week and the rest of the season. We’ll be sticking to what we’re good the least crappy at. Our first of game prediction contest will be ready to go on Wednesday and our first game preview should be posted Friday. Expect some sort of game recap/analysis after each game as well. The one new wrinkle is the podcast. Monday night we’re recording our 2017 JMU/CAA Football lightning preview. It will basically be a few of our thoughts on the upcoming season in 15 – 20 minutes. Nothing Earth shattering. More just revving the engine and something to start the hype train rolling all the way back to Frisco.

Sound good? Good. Just a few more days until we Lock the Damn Gates and start rootin.


Aug 24 / Rob

JMU Has the Best Football Program in Virginia

map-football2This isn’t exactly breaking news, because we’ve been saying it for year, but now it’s official. Hero Sports has declared JMU the best football program in the Commonwealth of Virginia. You can go to the site to read all about the methodology used, but in a nut shell, it’s purely scientific and JMU crushes.

JMU is in select company with other top P5 teams from across the country such as Stanford, Clemson, and Florida State. As well as some successful, but lesser know teams such as Linfield and Mary Hardin-Baylor. So when you take a step back and view everything in context, it makes total sense. But it’s really more fun to just ignore everything else and focus on the fact that JMU is better than UVA, VA Tech, RU, ODU, and William & Mary.

Aug 24 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: A Miserable CAA Broadcast Deal

By now you’ve probably read all about the CAA’s broadcast deal for the upcoming football season. It’s, um, underwhelming. Actually, it pretty much stinks. One game a week will be streamed online via CBS Sports digital package. And your defending National Champions will be featured a grand total of once.

We’re not exactly thrilled over this dramatic step backwards for the league. Listen to the latest episode of the podcast for our full thoughts on the matter.
And everybody just hang in there. Next week is a real live football game week, so we’ll be back to our regular blog schedule and done with all this summer time filler crap.

Go Dukes.

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Aug 24 / Rob

Throwback Thursday: When Coach Danny Rocco Gave the Game Ball to Danny Rocco

unknownSports are really not that important. We know it’s kind of silly to get too emotionally involved in games the way we do. And we admit that there’s something almost crazy about the way we cast our favorite players as heroes and the complete strangers who happen to be rivals, as villains. But sometimes folks just make it too easy. Danny Rocco, the head coach of the Delaware Blue Hens, makes it really easy.

Rocco is a good coach. Let’s get that part out of the way. But man, he is also a heel. While serving as the head coach at Liberty, he talked an awful big game for a guy who never lead the Flames to a single playoff appearance. Once he took over as head coach at Richmond, he was um. really quite University of Richmond-y. (ed. note: We trust that if you’re reading this blog, you understand that is definitely meant as an insult.) If you need an example of what we mean, let us tell you a little story. It’s about the time that Head Coach Danny Rocco gave a game ball to Head Coach Danny Rocco. Seriously. He did that. After a game against his old team the Liberty Flames, Rocco awarded himself the damn game ball. And then he brought said ball, to the post game press conference.

Look, we don’t know what happened inside the UR RU locker room during the 2013 season. But the head coach giving himself the game ball is weird. Very weird. Particularly after his Top 20 team, which was coming off a loss to something called Gardner Webb, beat an unranked Liberty squad. Michael Strauss threw for 210 yards and TD in that game. Jacobi Green rushed for 184 yards and 3 TDs. Ben Edwards eclipsed the 100 yard mark receiving. But no, Rocco said Rocco got it done.

Good gracious. Delaware has been irrelevant for a few years now. So much so that it was tough to build up any animosity toward the Blue Chickens. They were easy to hate (sports hate) when they were winning and being coached by K.C. Keeler, the man with the most punchable face in the college football. And now that Rocco is in charge, it’s like old times again. Thanks to Rocco, the Blue Hens are easy to root against again. Even if the Dukes will stomp ’em by 4 touchdowns.

Aug 24 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Most Anticipated Game and Campus Eats

We’re giving this podcast thing a spin and recorded our second episode of the JMU Sports Blog Podcast last night. In this episode we discuss our most anticipated JMU football games of the 2017 season and talk about our favorite D-Hall menu items (it’s the offseason people). Give it a listen.

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Aug 10 / Todd

FCS Style Guide: What We Are Calling Our Rivals’ Stadiums This Year

Writing this only made us love BFS more!

Writing this only made us love BFS more!

We are outright stealing this idea from one of our favorite FBS writers, Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday. And we couldn’t be prouder! And in many ways, some of JMU’s “rivals'” “stadiums” make this easier than spotting attractive people at D-Hall.

Without further ado, this year’s style guide to how to reference a few our favorites to hate, because, as Spencer reminds us, it’s important to have the correct immature name ready when needed. And of course feel free to comment with way better things than we can come up with!

William & Mary: Zable Maths Stadium at Nerd Field.

Elon: Rhodes Stadium. Named for Dusty Rhodes! We’re not even kidding. Of course, a hundred all three Fightin’ Christians fans are going to comment now that “we haven’t been the Fightin’ Christians since the 90’s” and that apparently their Trustee that was named Dusty Rhodes is not that The American Dream. Oh well, still, Dusty Rhodes!

Rhode Island: Real-grass-remains-the-only-redeeming-quality-Field. (But actually, RhodeI’s official page for Meade Stadium has an incredibly unvarnished explanation of how it acquired the “Meade” moniker and is not to be missed – it even includes the phrase “…a donnybrook that makes Bush-Gore look like a Cub Scout picnic.”

ECU: We didn’t even have to come up with this one because this is from EDSBS’ version: We would just like to point out that the real name of ECU’s stadium is “Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium,” which is already a parody because we don’t know what “dowdy ficklin’” is but we assume it’s Carolina slang for nothing wholesome or legal or competent-at-DB. (ok, maybe we added that last bit).

Delaware: The Tub – the Blue Chickens almost take the fun out of this by giving their own stadium it’s fittingly pissy name. And it gives us a chance to repost the actual “piss wall” picture from the only men’s restroom on the “nicer” side of this gigantic, ancient dump.

New Hampshire: Caps/Nats Arena. Playoffs every year, first round exit every year.

Villanova: Seriously-We-Have-Football-Too Field sponsored by Kelly’s Taproom

NDSU: White AARP Member Dome. Seriously, did you see that crowd last year? We kid because we love. In all fairness, while the Dukes may have turned the Fargo Dome into a house of sadness for Bizen fans last year, there’s no doubt an indoor facility is a must up there and it’s one of FCS’ best venues (even if the lighting needs some serious help).

Montana: Declawed Cub Stadium.

Soft Houston St.: Charmin’ Stadium. No further explanation required.

Jacksonville St.: Port Authority Field. Simply a transit station between a big FBS program and the CFL for most of the Gamecocks.

Youngstown St.: Eat A Salad Stadium. As we learned in Frisco, this is nearly a universally appropriate thing to yell at the entire ‘Guins fanbase.

Eastern Washington: Ahhhh, my eyes, somebody fix the TV.

Richmond: Hahaha, this shitbox middle-school stadium is unworthy of this column.

Lehigh: Built-Too-Big-For-Our-Fanbase Field at Goodman Stadium.

Norfolk St.: Charlie King Field at FCS4lyfe Stadium.

Frisco: Bridegeforth South.



Aug 7 / Rob

JMU Lands at #1 in Preseason Poll

schor-vs-tribePreseason polls are nothing more than a reminder that football is right around the corner. They don’t really mean squat and as a general rule we like to ignore them. But we also have a rule on this blog that any poll, ranking, or list about on virtually any topic, will be blown out of proportion and hyped up if it puts JMU at the top. Especially if it pops up in the offseason. Because mediocre content doesn’t create itself. And today Stats released its official FCS Preseason Poll with JMU ranked number one. So we’re kind of OK with preseason polls this year.

JMU was the overwhelming first choice, gathering 134 of 163 first place votes. North Dakota State ended up second. That is pretty much the story. NDSU has been the preseason favorite for the past 6 years. But now it’s the Dukes who enter the season with the big target on their backs. Bryan Schor for one, seems perfectly fine with that. The way he put it, “It’s not something we’re going to run away from as a team. We realize people are going to be gunning for us. We were lucky enough to go on and win a national championship. That’s something that everybody else wants.” Well there you go. Run it back boys.

Aug 2 / Rob

Throwback Thursday: JMU Over App State in 2008

JMU football officially kicked off 2017 today with the start of preseason camp. Which means that the season is so close that it’s perfectly acceptable for fans to spend 2 or 3 hours a day looking at highlight videos. May we suggest starting with this one featuring the Dukes 35-32 win over Appalachian State back in 2008.

If you weren’t there for the game, we’re sorry. Hyperbole is the worst thing ever, but this game might have been the single greatest FCS regular season game ever. App State rolled into the ‘burg as the #1 team in the country and 3 time defending National Champion. The Dukes were ranked #5 in the country and eager to avenge a 2007 playoff defeat to App State. In that game, JMU was in position to win late, and then bad stuff happened. I don’t want to talk about it.

The 2008 game was easily the biggest home game in JMU history up to that time. With a full day of tailgating before the evening kickoff, fans had Bridgeforth absolutely rocking at kickoff. Then Armanti Edwards and the Mountaineers jumped out to a 21-0 lead and things looked pretty bleak. But Scotty McGee took the second half kick to the house so fast that some fans who were taking advantage of the leave/re-enter policy to drown their sorrows in the parking lot (cough, me & Todd) barely made it back into the stadium in time to see it explode. From that point the rally was on. Rodney Landers and the Dukes played about as good a half of football as you’ll ever see and JMU walked out with a 35-32 victory. It was quite simply, epic.

Jul 31 / Rob

Sports Illustrated for Kids Features a Megan Good Trading Card

Megan Good cardMy boys’ latest issue of Sports Illustrated for Kids arrived in the mail today. My kids love the magazine and their favorite thing about it, is that each issue comes with trading cards. So that’s the first page we opened to. And right there next to a card for some guy named Cristiano Ronaldo was one for JMU’s own Megan Good. That’s big time.