Feb 18 / Rob

Make All Offseason Hype Videos Special Teams Hype Videos Please

Seth Weaver, our favorite backup long snapper, brought a little joy to our otherwise dreary February Tuesday by dropping this gem of a video. With another fantastic college football season wrapping just last month, our brains are still a bit saturated with typical hype videos. Come August, we’ll be ready for dramatic slow motion and bone crunching montages, set to music our old asses don’t recognize. But right now we’re in the mood for something different. The video above featuring all of the precision long snapping, practice punts, and fundamentally executed place kicks definitely checks the box for different. And we love it. So this offseason, give us more videos of the unsung heroes who clearly love being on the team and don’t take themselves too seriously. All three phases folks.

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  1. OBXDuke1983 / Mar 2 2020

    JMU Women on the 12 line in the latest bracketology!

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