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Guest Post: Proud and True

Randy won last week’s prediction contest and earned the right to guest post. Here’s his reflection of being around for the start of the JMU football program.

Proud & True. Many of you know that to be the name of the Duke Club fund that supports JMU sports. The naming could not be more appropriate. In my 42 years since graduation, I’ve encountered graduates of all ages. The common denominator among them is the pride they feel for their university and the value they place on their experience as a Duke.

Though I will never be remembered for my exploits on the field, as a football alum, my pride in our football Dukes runs deep. My first year, though not quite ground zero, was the beginning of Madision
College playing a legit Division III, NCAA schedule. That was 1974. We were playing on a brand-new AstroTurf field, the first in Virginia. This was the early turf which was easily 15 degrees hotter than grass and could absorb your skin as easily as it did heat. We completed the season with a winning, 6-4 record.

The following year, we were undefeated with a 9-0-1 record. That season remains as JMU’s only undefeated season…. so far. We all hope that changes this year. That was a special time for JMU football.

Today is a special time as well, for JMU football and for theUniversity. Part of the pride that we all share stems from the sense that our University is always moving forward. We won regularly as an upstart new football program and we continue to win today. Beyond sports, the accolades continue to pile up.

I am sure every group of players to come through JMU in the last 40+ years feel their own unique connection and sense of pride in their university. The presence and support of those early players from the 70’s however, is easy to see at today’s games, at tailgates or at Duke Club events. The pride from
this group of D-III, non-scholarship players, is unmistakable. There is a connection to, or a sense of being part of the greatness that has since followed.

Proud & True! Go Dukes
P.S. Early prediction on May 16 th game: JMU 28, NDSU 17

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  1. Cory / Feb 25 2021

    From one football alum to another. Thank you for help building the program!

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