Jun 8 / Rob

The 2010-2011 JMU Sports Season is Done

That’s a wrap folks. With the Diamond Dukes bowing out of the NCAA tournament on Sunday, the JMU sports year is officially completed. And now Todd and I move on to the dreaded offseason. Not the football offseason, or basketball offseason, but the entire damn JMU sports program offseason. A JMU sports blogger’s nightmare. Somehow we made it through it last year. We’re slightly less clueless now, so we’re pretty sure we’ll emerge on the other side unscathed this year. At least that’s what we’re telling ourselves. 

Looking back, I have no clue what we found to write about last summer. We tend to be a little light on the planning around here and heavily reliant on the “sit back and hope stuff worth writing about happens” approach. We’re breaking the mold slightly though this summer. While we haven’t exactly hashed out a real plan, we did toss around a few ideas around over beers. It’s debatable whether the beers or the ideas gave us confidence, but we walked out of Dogfish Head a few weeks ago fairly certain this was going to be a good summer for the blog.

Nothing is set in stone, but we’re definitely going to bring back the team by team CAA football previews. We had a lot of fun with them last year and are looking forward to writing them again this summer. It will be much more interesting now that we have readers and all. We’ll also be finally getting Todd’s pet project off the ground, the JMUSB Battle of the Bands Bracket, later this week. We are really excited about it and hope that old guys like us will love it. We also hope that younger, cooler readers don’t find it too perplexing and sad.

We realize the internet might break today as millions of people attempt to decide if Grantland is the greatest thing ever to happen to sports journalism, or just a sellout project worthy of nothing but snark. Assuming it doesn’t break though, we’ll be here. (Ed. note – You’re telling me I can read content from this lineup of writers and editors in one place? Yes please. Why so many people seem to be rooting for it to fail is beyond me.) And we’ll be open to suggestions for things to write about. So leave a comment or drop us a line at jmusportsblog@gmail.com if you have any tips. We’re all ears. And thank you very much for reading. We really appreciate it.

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  1. Swayze / Jun 10 2011

    After 2 days Grantland is only slightly better than JMUSB, but I like them both…

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