Nov 5 / Rob

Former JMU Soccer Player Marries That Guy From NSYNC

nsync-wedding-11-3-13Former JMU Women’s Soccer player Karly Skladany and Chris Kirkpatrick tied the knot in Orlando over the weekend. Kirkpatrick is best known for being one of the guys in ‘N Sync who is not Justin Timberlake. Skladany was a standout soccer player for JMU from 2002 until 2005. She was tied for third leading goal scorer her senior year and was a member of the 2004 team the advanced to the NCAA tournament.

The ceremony took place in front of family and friends at the Loews Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Justin Timberlake, his wife Jessica Biel, and all the other guys who used to be in ‘N Sync, were all in attendance. The tabloids fail to mention who from JMU was there for some reason. Congrats to the happy couple. About the only thing that could make is happier is if Justin Rascati got hitched to one of Miley Cyrus’ back-up singers.


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  1. zac / Nov 6 2013

    What if Rodney Landers defeated Jay-Z in a rap contest and therefore won the right to Beyonce’s hand in marriage?

  2. Uncle Ron / Nov 6 2013

    This reminds of that time the Duke Dog did an Anchor Splash talent show routine set to a Color Me Badd song.

  3. Dukie95 / Nov 6 2013

    1400 plus likes? You clearly need more wedding stories on the blog.

  4. angela / Nov 6 2013

    Not just was in ‘N Sync, he created ‘N Sync.

  5. Molly / Nov 6 2013
  6. Luke / Nov 6 2013

    Wow, this picture looks like it is from 2006. Am I reading the jmu onion now?

  7. Jeff Clark '98 / Nov 6 2013

    Weekend score prediction:

    Chris Kirkpatrick – 1

  8. 2004 Duke / Nov 7 2013

    Well played, @Jeff Clark


  9. 2004 Duke / Nov 7 2013

    Karly and Chris have been dating for a long time, and until just now I didn’t realize he is famous.

    I always thought he was some random dude she found in Orlando.

  10. Jason / Nov 8 2013

    Eminem also raps about him…

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