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5 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game

You may not know but you have the ability to play golf much better than you ever dreamed of. All it takes is practice, hard work and a deep understanding of what’s effective on range and what’s not and why. And watch the best golf training video.

Here is a collection of some tips that you can take into consideration in order to excel in the game.

Identify your Weakness

The first step is to figure out where your game is weak if you want to get better and improve your performance. Get to know about simple statistics and keep an eye on your performance. Keep a record of fairways hit, total putts, short game ups and downs and green in regulation. This will provide you an insight on what you’re actually doing and what is your weak point that you need to work on.

Choose the Right Club

It’s a simple tip with a major effect. Take time with your club selection while you are practicing. Try to find the best one and get used to it. You will get prepared to survive in all kinds of challenging circumstances.

Many amateurs fall into trap of believing that hitting huge drives is the only way to get furbished, but that’s not true. At times a short hit is all that you need.

Spend More Time Putting

According to golf professionals putting is where the real money is made. If you have poor putting skills then nothing can make up for it, not even driving skills. Here is another important tip to remember; typically putt from the center of the putter.


Every golf player whether a beginner or a competitor, never stops searching for more power and great distance. Technology is the answer to the problem. Drivers are especially designed to create more distance but the player must know how to make the most of its design techniques. However, to do so golf players need to know that shaft of the club must properly bend at certain points during the swing, for better speed and power.

Practice wisely, not aimlessly

Usually players go to the driving range to hit balls, but many do not work with a goal and just don’t know what to do and what not to do. Be smart, and make a plan so you know what you’re doing.

Start with warming up for 10 to 15 minutes and pull off some stretching exercises, now start hitting the ball using a wedge with a slow and smooth swing. Slowly move to longer clubs and work your way up to the driver. Remember, it’s not necessary to use all the clubs in your bag and also try not to fall in love with one club only. Check out more tips and trick related to golfing and learn from professional at Centre of Gravity Golf.


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