Mar 19 / Rob

Megan Good Drove In As Many Runs In One Game, As She’s Given Up All Year

megan good pitchMegan Good is good. You know this. After picking up the win on Saturday against Binghamton, her record moved to a perfect 15-0 on the season. The win was a 6-0 shutout, because of course it was. Ten of Good’s wins have been shutouts. She struck out a a season high 14 batters and gave up only a single hit. And for good measure, she managed to hit a 3 run homer. And what’s significant about those 3 runs driven in? They’re equal to the 3 earned runs she’s given up as a pitcher all year. Apparently, it’s not enough that she be a lights out pitcher with a minuscule 0.22 ERA and 140 strikeouts. She’s also got the second best batting average on the team at .351 and a OPS of .965. Like we said, she’s good. Very, very good.

Update: Since we posted this, Good has won another game. And yes, it was a shutout. That’s a program single season record of 11 thus far. 


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  1. Jay / Mar 20 2017

    Megan is Awesome! It is hard to believe she is a junior. She is the real deal! Can’t wait for the first game in Harrisonburg.

  2. Ken / Mar 21 2017

    It truly amazes me that even though ESPN rated 23 as a pre-season top-10 SB player nationally, this is the complete coverage given her (and the entire JMU team) by ESPNW’s SB writer, Graham Hays (from Week 3 recap):

    “So with apologies to No. 2 Auburn and No. 15 James Madison — teams that traded shutouts by Kaylee Carlson and Megan Good to split a pair of games on the other side of the country and end Auburn’s 13-game winning streak…”

    Frustrates the crap out of me that the kid who is #1 nationally in wins (16), shutouts (11), ERA (.22), #6 in strikouts, and #4 in hits/7 innings can’t get a sniff from national writers. Maybe they don’t think her competition is stiff enough — weak, considering: the Dukes have only played road or neutral site games and are still 24-3; she tossed a 1-hit shut out @ Auburn; and MGood has driven in 9x as many runs as she’s allowed this year.

    One more example of the slow squeeze of the non-P5 out of significant coverage. For the 1st time I can remember, ESPN’s WBB championship week bracket page only published brackets for the P5 and the American Athletic UConn-ference tourneys.

    Ok, have to stop now; wife took away my soapbox…Go Dukes!!

  3. Latest Sports News / Apr 6 2017

    wow great effort..keep it up..

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