Apr 6 / Rob

President Alger Brings the Heat

Alger Pitching

There’s a lot going on in this picture. Yeah, it’s everyone’s favorite backwards cowboy hat wearing, Bryan Schor lookalike university president tossing out the ceremonial first pitch, but it’s more than that. We love it. And for so many reasons. The Jim Harbaugh approved sartorial choices. The full extension on the release. The fact that it’s a slow pitch lob before a fast pitch game. (Is that normal?)

But the lesson here is clear folks. If you every get asked to throw out a ceremonial first pitch, be careful. Because even if it’s perfectly executed and far from a Baba Booey or 50 Cent sort of disaster, snarky bloggers with nothing else to write about in the offseason will find slightly awkward still frames and poke fun for no good reason.

Cheers to President Alger for doing this and h/t to @ryanbarto for the pic.


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  1. The Fly / Apr 9 2017

    I will note that most first pitches are lobs, whether delivered overhanded or under.

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