Jun 25 / Rob

Us Watching this Horse Racing Replay Is the Most JMU Sports Offseason Move Yet

Life moves pretty fast. One moment it’s January and you’re in Frisco celebrating the Dukes winning the National Championship. Next thing you know, it’s June and you’re combing Youtube for replays of 8th race at Florida Gulfstream Park. Yep. These are some dark days. I actually paid attention to a random Sunday afternoon horse race at a track 1,037 miles from my house. Honestly though, even if the track was just down the street it would be no less ridiculous.

I wasn’t interested in the race because I’m some degenerate gambler. There’d be at least a shred of dignity in that. Sadly, my situation was much more pathetic. I was interested in the race because it featured a horse by the name of Dravite. And Dravite and his jockey were decked out in purple and gold silks today. They were wearing purple and gold because Dravite’s owner is Frank Payne, a proud member of the JMU graduating class of 1989. So I attempted convinced myself that in some very, very small way, today’s race passed for a JMU sporting event. I need help.

If you too are sick in the head, you can watch the replay of Dravite in action. Fair warning though, depending on how bad your JMU sports affliction is, the race might make you a bit upset. Because Dravite (horse #7), pretty much goes straight backwards from the start, before eventually falling off the screen all together. I have no idea what happened, but he definitely didn’t win. The announcers didn’t mention him at all. Maybe Dravite did something awesome like jump the rail and kick a Richmond owned horse in the head. Maybe he’s still running. I have no idea. But I do know there are only 69 (nice) more days until JMU football season.

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  1. Chris / Jun 27 2017

    I don’t know if you guys know this or not, but whereas we’re playing ETSU this year in the burg, is there gonna be an away game in Johnson City, TN in the next few years?

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