Nov 4 / Rob

Get Up for Gameday

Early (relatively) kick-off today, so get up and Start Wearing Purple Dukes fans. JMU faces a much improved Rhode Island squad at 12 noon up in New England. The Dukes are heavily favored, but rest assured this one will be much, much closer than last year’s brutal beatdown. You can stream the audio over on Madizone or shell out a few bucks to watch it on College Sports Live. And now it’s time to Lock the Damn Gates!

Go Dukes!

Keep rootin!


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  1. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    Did anyone else order this game on college sports live? Trying to figure out why the volume is so low.

  2. Drake / Nov 4 2017

    I did. I have it going to my TV so I can turn it up louder. It’s a god awful radio broadcast. There’s even static. I can’t match up the Madizone radio bc it’s a play ahead.

  3. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    That was a totally uninspired half of football for the Dukes.

  4. Drake / Nov 4 2017

    Is there a reason Taylor Woods is starting? My first thought is Houston believes he can win and save his other backs for tougher opponents but I can’t believe he’s that cocky.

    Defense getting 3 sacks already is about the only high point.

    I’m sure coach just gave a spirited talk in the locker room.

  5. JMUJoe1987 / Nov 4 2017

    You two still think we shouldn’t panic about the offense?

  6. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    Funny. Not loving it today.

  7. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    But if i based everything on today i would be concerned about the whole team.

  8. Drake / Nov 4 2017

    It looks like whenever Schor is allowed to open it up, the offense is better. The runs up the middle are the issue. I just hate to complain when we are seeing an amazing run. Who knows if we will ever experience anything like this again, so I’m trying to really enjoy it.

  9. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    For the record, i am not worried about this team.

  10. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 4 2017

    I keep thinking at some point they’re going to realize that is not Tyler Gray.

  11. wexcelsior / Nov 4 2017

    I will always cherish you, MadiZone coverage.

  12. Drake / Nov 4 2017

    Once again, JMU forces a team to change QBs. I’d like to see the stat of how many quarters the D has held their opponents to zero points.

    Yes, Madizone, I love you. I haven’t known where the 1st down marker is all game. The static is killing me, and the one guy sounds like Teddy from Bob’s Burgers.

  13. Ken / Nov 6 2017

    @Drake — opponents are scoreless in 23 out of 36 quarters (63.9%)

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