Jul 25 / Todd

Todd’s Last Word Till the Season’s Over on Conference Realignment

Groundhog Day. Pretty sure I wrote a similar thing last year but here goes. We’re pretty sure many of you are as tired of conference discussion as we are. And we’re definitely sure most of you are tired of our split personality disorder @jmusportsblog on this. As always, Rob is thoughtful, patient, and not overly concerned. He’s never really thought the JMU admin was actually motivated about leaving the CAA or FCS to begin with and that’s helped him stay sane. I am reactionary, upset and generally depressed about the lack of movement and what I perceive to be a severe lack of communication, vision, and execution from both the Rose and Alger administrations on this issue.

But I need to get this off my chest before the season starts in earnest. I’m as excited about Withers, Lee, and the new era ON the field as anyone and I would like to stop being depressed and join in the party with everyone else. Despite the low expectations from outside of JMU Land, I’m cautiously optimistic that if the Dukes can get out of the first four games with at least two wins, this could be big year (especially because you damned well better make it into a 24-team playoff field with no App, real GSU, and ODU). But I’m also really concerned about the slippery slope between being excited about the program’s changes and direction on the field and allowing the administration to perceive that as blind cheerleading that will continue unchecked by sheepish fans even without communication or a move. Basically this is just one last (tired I know) reminder that while you’re having fun celebrating all the bruhaha over Drew Mohringer’s new offense and the fact JMU could be scoring by the truckload with a stacked offense this year, just keep in mind what it is your celebrating: that JMU clearly hired the type of coach and staff that were lured here with the promise of FBS, and that coach and staff have clearly been kicking ass luring transfers and 2015 recruits with that same promise and someone damned well better find a way to deliver or the next season or two’s going to amount to one last blip on the radar of JMU football’s journey back to irrelevance.

Earlier this week was Media Day for the CAA, CUSA, and the MAC, the three relevant conferences now that JMU has shot down the Sun Belt.

CUSA Commissioner Britton Banowsky said “I believe (realignment) is (over). The seas are pretty calm. … Western Kentucky last piece to puzzle.”

MAC Commissioner Jon Steinbrecher said “We have 12 full-time members, and I don’t see us changing that in the near future.” He specifically said the MAC has no plans to expand once UMASS leaves.

Really getting tired of running this pic.

Really getting tired of running this pic.

As we’ve been reminded many times by more level-headed fans, the “end of realignment” is likely a mythical creature. But those are very scary statements for those of us that think there is no status quo (exactly what the Carr Report said) and that staying in the CAA is simply falling farther and farther behind.

In the last week, we’ve also seen this released (http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/ncaaf/2014/07/16/college-football-playoff-financial-revenues-money-distribution-bill-hancock/12734897/) regarding the revenue structure and streams for all FBS conferences under the new College Football Playoff regime. Needless to say, exactly as Carr predicted ALL of the FBS leagues, even CUSA/MAC/SunBelt, are expected to see enormously increased revenue and to speed up the separation between the bottom of FBS and even the tippy top of FCS (a place JMU hasn’t been in a few years on the field though they certainly are in terms of expenditures and overall athletics program). For the last decade or so, it’s been easy to say if you were spending like a lower-level FBS program but were still in FCS, that was basically alright because the rewards of the move up weren’t worth the hassles. That dynamic has clearly changed and no one, seriously no one, can competently argue that point.

So when you see JB and co. on Godwin Field this year, if this matters to you the way it does to me, please just keep all that in mind instead of just slapping people on the back about the new, hopefully high-flying and WINNING, era of JMU Football we’re all looking forward to so much.

Alright, I’m putting away the soapbox for till the postseason and we can return to the “juice, the new era, and Vad Lee doing his Rodney Landers impression” season-long celebration!

Jul 24 / Rob

Dukes Picked to Finish 8th in CAA Preseason Poll

Dean Marlow vs URIt’s a year of change for the JMU football program. A new coaching staff, new starting QB, multiple new skill players, and revamped philosophies on both sides of the ball. Apparently that all adds up to low expectations for the voters in the CAA Preseason Poll, who picked the Dukes to finish eight in the league. The results of the poll and the All CAA teams were revealed at CAA Media Day yesterday. Only Rhode Island, Albany, Stony Brook, and the league’s newest entrant, Elon, were picked to finish below the Dukes. New Hampshire was the runaway favorite and preseason pick to win the league with 15 first place votes. Villanova, Richmond, and William & Mary also received first place votes. Senior Safety Dean Marlowe was selected to the CAA Preseason All Conference Team. He was the only Duke honored.

Just two quick comments about this. First of all, we’ve made it pretty clear in the past that this preseason polls and honors are virtually worthless. They’re a total crapshoot and for evidence all you need to do is look back at a number of very mediocre JMU teams that were picked to contend for the conference title. Second of all, it’s the oldest cliche in the book, but the “nobody believes in us” strategy still seems to be pretty effective. Playing with a bit of a chip on your shoulder is never a bad thing. The Dukes will have the opportunity to do just that in 2014.


Jul 22 / Todd

TV Schedule Announced, Caussin Signs with Skins

Two bits of football news today. First, the CAA announced its full TV schedule today, and while JMU will not be hosting any NBCSN national games, we now know they’ll have at least seven games televised. As it stands now, here’s what we know about the schedule:

Aug 30 at Maryland 3:30pm Big 10 Network
Sept 6 at Lehigh 12:30pm
Sept 13 St. Francis, likely Madizone
Sept 20 at Villanova 12:30pm CSN
Sept 27 Delaware 4pm CSN
Oct 4 at Albany 6pm
Oct 11 Towson 12:30pm CSN
Oct 25 at Charlotte 12pm
Nov 1 William & Mary 3:30pm American Sports Network
Nov 8 at Stony Brook 1pm
Nov 15 at Richmond 12:30pm NBS Sports Network
Nov 22 Elon 12pm American Sports Network
We know some folks like the return to earlier kickoffs, but call us disappointed as we thought we’d put those amateur-hour days behind us. At least it’s not entirely JMU’s fault this year as the Towson game was expected for Parent’s Weekend and the Elon game is likely early for TV. What remains to be seen is whether the fledgling ASN will actually be available on most cable systems by the time the season kicks off (though thankfully the Dukes don’t play on there till November). Tough to complain about ASN when CUSA is on there too, but it’s going to eat ass that the Nova/DC market (Cox, Comcast) appear highly unlikely to carry that at all. No home NBCSN games kind of stinks but a 6-6 team with a new coach has to earn their way back to prominence.  Games that scare us are Lehigh, though I think they’ll at least offer a stream, but even moreso Albany and Stony Brook, our new conference mates who may still be behind the times (think URI) on the streaming services. Charlotte, now in CUSA, is likely to find a way to get that tilt picked up regionally, and thus likely to be available on satellite packages/bars (for that matter, we’ll be taking the JMUSB tailgate show on the road for that one and hopefully lots of folks can join us!)
By the way, that Lehigh game will be ENORMOUS from a “having a season standpoint.” They’re always tough at home and usually in playoff contention even from the weak Patriot League. Coming home at 0-2 for an opponent in STFU that only Jeff Bourne and Mickey could even pretend to give to shits about is no way to stir excitement for the new regime, especially with a trip to Villanova and UD looming to start conference play.
Good Luck Mike!

Good Luck Mike!

In other news, I’m delighted (though Rob’s certainly not) to note that former Dukes Tight End Mike Caussin was signed by the Skins today after they cut another player to make room. Caussin was a true stud on the last relevant Dukes teams and has battled injury during his time in Buffalo, but seems to be a solid guy who’s certainly never given up or ceased to work his ass off to get back. He’ll have stiff competition to make the roster in Washington, but as a capable special teamer and basically the fourth TE with the top two firmly entrenched, he should get a great chance to play a ton in the preseason. He’ll also be joining fellow Duke LB Akeem Jordan in Washington and now I’ll have to put some extra thought into my new jersey selection.

Jul 20 / Rob

Coach Withers Introduces “Life Lessons Thursdays”

Way back when we were in school, our favorite Thursday tradition might have been Dime Drafts at JM’s. Ever the innovator, Coach Withers has introduced a new Thursday tradition for the JMU football program that should be much more impactful that cheap Natty Lite. It’s called Life Lessons Thursdays and it centers around successful JMU alums speaking to the team about life after football. It’s one of those ideas that is so simple, you wonder why nobody has thought of it before.

The video above gives you a brief overview of the program. Essentially, it connects some of JMU’s most successful alums with some of its most visible (and hardest working) students. It’s a complete win-win and an example of how alums and students should be interacting all the time. Well done Coach Withers, well done.

Jul 17 / Rob

Changes Coming to JMU Game Day Experience

player entranceIf there is one thing we’ve learned about Coach Withers thus far, it’s that the man is not afraid to make some changes. A second thing is that he really likes to use the word dude (regardless of whether or not a certain former JMU coach finds it appropriate or not). But really it’s the changes that stand out.

Withers has come in and completely shaken up the JMU football program. A more intense academic system, increased competition for starting spots, better student outreach, new locker rooms, etc. There are no sacred cows in Withers eyes. If he thinks there is a change that can help his players, he’s going to make sure it happens. That same philosophy apparently extends to mixing things up and making improvements for fans. Because as the DNR’s Matt Jones explains, Coach Withers is helping revamp the fans’ game day experience ($).

In the article, Jones explains that Withers, Jeff Bourne, and the football operations staff are putting their stamp on JMU game days this fall. More games will be played in the middle of the afternoon, in an attempt to be more student friendly. The hope is that by wrapping things up before Saturday night parties kick off, more students will stay for the entire game. The fact that it also means an earlier drive back home for alums ain’t bad either. Withers and the team will bring back the walk through the tailgate areas prior to kick-off, rebranding the activity the “Dog Walk.” Something tells me, Withers version might be a little more enthusiastic and fan friendly than versions under the previous regime. Prior to entering the locker room, coaches and players might make a pit stop to join Curt Dudley at a sort of JMU version of college game day outside the stadium. The only thing that would make that better would be if Curt invited two JMU bloggers to join him as well. (ed. note: Make that happen people. Please.)

In terms of the stadium experience, the pre game cartoons featuring the Duke Dog fighting the visiting team’s mascots are a thing of the past. They will be replaced by some other form of video, but nobody is sharing details just yet. We can expect the same sort of fireworks and team entrance, but newer music throughout the game. One thing we might not see a lot of is in game replays while the Dukes are on offense. Not because Withers or anyone else has something against them, but because JMU is expected to play at a tempo so fast there won’t be time to show replays or highlights between plays. Mickey ball this is not.

Jul 15 / Todd

New Follows for JMU Sports

So as most of you know, we’re VERY thankful for Twitter, especially in the summer months, as it helps us stay active without writing a bunch more gimmicky stuff on here during the offseason when we ran out of those gimmicks three years ago. Plus it’s incredible for connecting with other non-power conference dorks like us.  And now…

…Duke Dog is on Twitter. Because of course he is, and we’re betting he’ll have exactly the kind of boring, PR-filled, yes-man bullsh*t that everyone already hates on FB and has infiltrated Twitter more and more over the last couple years. But still, it’s @TheJMUDukeDog and of all the JMU athletics accounts, it’s sort of a must.

Summertime = All Duke Dog, All the Time!

Summertime = All Duke Dog, All the Time!

But more interesting, and considerably more substantive, to take take you through the home stretch of the college offseason (46 days to Maryland!), is the fairly cool idea from the new-look, and apparently newly-imagined, JMU Sports official site to have a student-athlete (NCAA-endorsed term!) blog from Senior Volleyball standout Meghan Niski as she’s competing this summer in the European Global Challenge tournament in Croatia and Montenegro as a member of some kind of Midwest All-Star U22 squad.  Congrats and good luck to Meghan and please write frequently.

Jul 10 / Todd

When the Higher ED Bubble Bursts

We’re both doing the family vacation bit this weekend so we’re not going to write at length.  But thankfully Brian Ewart over at his outstanding Villanova site, VUHoops.com, gave the college sports world this fantastic think-piece on some huge issues on the horizon for college athletics, especially college athletics in a no-man’s land of the non-power conferences.  This piece is in-depth and it’s not for everyone, but we think our diehards will appreciate it as much as the level of research, craft and structure only drives the home the difference between a pro like Brian and fans like us. By the way, Brian obviously covers a lot of ‘Nova hoops stuff, but his twitter over @Brian_Ewart is all college sports all the time, he does care about CAA football unlike most Wildcat writers and he doesn’t often stray into Nats/Mets/Title IX/Beer/WorldCup/bullshit the way that we do if you’re interested.

DriftNow go find yourself a great beach beer (Harrisonburg’s own 3Brothers’ Drift comes to mind) and a lawn chair and enjoy the heavenly sound of cooler rustlin’, truly life’s most exquisite aural pleasure.





Jul 8 / Todd

52 Days and Counting!

Though we still have no idea how we’re going to get through the next seven weeks, it’s great to know there are only 52 days left till the football Dukes kickoff the Withers era in College Park against one of the nation’s best players, Stefon Diggs, and the rest of the underwhelming new B1G member Terps!  And even less than that (38 days in fact) till the Women’s Soccer team gets the entire JMU Athletics year started against Bucknell on August 16.

And in case you hadn’t noticed, and judging by JMU’s non-athletics headlines lately you understandably have not, JMU Sports got itself a newfangled and it has to be said, slick and modern website on July 1.  You can check it out here. The site, produced by a company called Sidearm Sports and hopefully signaling a break from the tech-debacle that has often been NeuLion, has a cleaner, simpler look and we’re both pleased so far and hopeful about the future but…

…where the hell is Duke Dog?  Seriously, why does JMU insist on trying to marginalize Duke Dog, the real Duke Dog we all know and love, seemingly every year.  First they tried to sex him up with a more aggressive look for the mascot costume and a shinier gray, but three-year olds all over Bridgeforth were terrified and quickly called out the imposter.  Now JMU seems to have removed Duke Dog from all of our logos on the new website. Unfortunately, all the rebranding in the world isn’t going to change the fact we’re still in the CAA.

Now please, #FreeDukeDog!





Jul 6 / Rob

The Dukes Ain’t Too Proud to Beg

As we mentioned last week, Coach Wither’s and his staff have brought a ton of new ideas and enthusiasm to the JMU football program. One of those new ideas was a players Strongman Competition, which took place in June. This video captures the highlights. It’s rather intense and features a bunch of strenuous looking activities, any one of which would send a much weaker man (like me for instance) to the showers crying. Thankfully the Dukes are far tougher than most of us and actually appear to be enjoying themselves, even while inexplicably wearing tie-dyed t-shirts for a tug-of-war. Football season can’t get here soon enough.

Jul 1 / Rob

I Believe That We Will Win

BranJgwCAAAJcEJIt’s gameday. In the knockout round. Of the 2014 World Cup. Let’s do this boys. Beat Belgium. And oh yeah, that’s a real jersey.