Jul 17 / Rob

In Which We Break Our Silence on Conference Realignment

The AAC isn’t replacing UConn at this time. We’ve long remained silent on the topic of conference realignment, not because we concluded that JMU was not realistically being considered by the powers that be in the AAC, realized we had absolutely no control over it, and decided to be excited about what JMU is, instead of wasting energy on what it is not. And not because we just got sick of the entire “debate” years ago. But with this absolutely earth shattering (and not all expected) bit of news, we can no longer stay silent. Our voices must be heard. Buckle up boys and girls because we’re about to unload every thought and feeling we have on the topic, no matter how much it hurts, or how mentally exhausting it might be. Here goes.


Go Dukes!


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  1. M@ / Jul 17 2019

    Sounds about right.

  2. Pitz / Jul 17 2019

    Damnit. I want my click back.

  3. Rob / Jul 17 2019

    No refunds Pitz.

  4. Rob K / Jul 18 2019

    I agree with you guys. I am much more concerned about how the loss of Chavious on the OL and Paris on the DL is going to impact our lines. That is the loss of two very large men at key positions.

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