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3 Sports You Probably Don’t Know Are Dangerous

Millions of people love sports. They are a form of entertainment that brings individuals together and employ thousands of people.  

But do you know that sports can be dangerous? In most of the sports, players are usually risking their life, unlike when playing casino games such as Baccarat.     

Here are the three sports that you know but probably never thought are dangerous. 

  1. Football 

Many people don’t know that football or soccer is one of the most dangerous sports in the world. What makes it risky is the high-intensity contact involved between the players. 

While chasing the ball, there is a probability that a player will tackle carelessly, and this is common in leagues across the world. Although such tackles often result in minor injuries that heal in a few weeks, they can also cause serious harm. For instance, there have been cases of footballer breaking a leg, which kept them out for more than a year or ended their career. 

Concussions are also common in football. They usually occur when there is a clash of heads or when a player has a raised foot. Such injuries are dangerous as they can even result in death if a person does not receive urgent medical care. 

  1. Cycling 

Cycling is a regular sport since it attracts people of different age groups, unlike others, such as Formula One. However, it also qualifies as one of the riskiest games.

Cyclists are usually tempted to ride at high speeds without the right protection. The practice is common among kids and teenagers racing against each other in the neighborhood. As a result, some end up crashing and breaking bones. In some cases, a person may hit their head on a surface, which can be fatal. 

When cycling on the roads, there is also a probability of meeting speeding or drunk drivers. This increases the chances of getting hit, which can leave you with a disability or take away your life. 

  1. Horse Riding  

Horse riding is a fun but dangerous sport. When riding a horse in a competitive tournament, there is always the risk of falling. This can occur if you handle the animal poorly or lose concentration. 

In the process, you can end breaking your arms, legs, or even your ribs. Other horses might step on you, causing more severe injuries. In worst cases, you might suffer a broken spine, which might leave you paralyzed.  

Horse riding has also resulted in many deaths over the years due to severe injuries sustained during a high-speed race. It is estimated that over 100 deaths reported each year are due to injuries suffered during horse riding. 

In conclusion, the three sports you probably didn’t know are dangerous are football, cycling, and horse riding. In these sports, there is a probability of incurring injuries that can leave you with a disability. You can also end up losing your life if you suffer severe injuries. Therefore, it is clear that, unlike playing Baccarat, sports can be dangerous.

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