Dec 13 / Rob

Prediction Contest: JMU vs. South Dakota State

It’s the FCS semi-finals. The Dukes against the Jackrabbits. Y’all know how this works by now. Leave a comment below with your prediction for Saturday’s game. The person who comes closest to nailing it, gets to write a guest post. Easy as pie. Let’s go.


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  1. M@ / Dec 13 2017

    24-21 Duuuukes

  2. Chris / Dec 13 2017

    35-28 DUKES!

  3. maddukes98 / Dec 13 2017

    31-27 Duuuuuuukes

  4. Nick / Dec 13 2017

    31-20 DUKES!!

  5. Jordan M / Dec 13 2017

    28-21 JMU

  6. wexcelsior / Dec 13 2017

    30-21 Dukes

  7. Seth Miller / Dec 13 2017

    35-24, Duuuuuuuuukes

  8. Deacon Danny / Dec 13 2017

    JMU 31
    SDSU 17

  9. Dukes4 / Dec 13 2017

    Madison: 38 / Brookings, SD Bunnies: 35

  10. Jamie Williams / Dec 13 2017

    JMU 31 SDSU 23

  11. DR / Dec 13 2017

    JMU – 24
    SDSU – 17

  12. Jennifer Cavanaugh / Dec 13 2017

    30-20 Dukes!! ???

  13. CJ / Dec 13 2017

    Sorry to be that guy, but SDSU 31, JMU 14.

    Dukes just haven’t found their offensive rhythm throughout these playoffs. Defense has been outstanding, but when the offense can’t stay on the field the defense eventually wears down…as we saw during the Weber State game. In both the Stony Brook and Weber State games, Schor wasn’t getting the full protection he needed, and there were way too many three and outs.

    On the other hand, South Dakota State is playing like the Dukes of last year. They’re dominant in every aspect of the game, plus they have a ton of momentum and confidence coming into Bridgeforth on Saturday. The Dukes can still get away with squeaking out wins against teams like Stony Brook and Weber State, but SDSU is on another level. Unfortunately, I think JMU is outmatched in this one.

    That being said, I have no criticism whatsoever of JMU’s performance this year. It’s been another amazing year: a record-breaking undefeated regular season, another ESPN Game Day appearance, even three home playoff games to add a little extra $$$ to the program. We are the envy of most every other football program.

    Now if only our basketball program could get its act together….

  14. Jon / Dec 13 2017

    38-35, JMU


  15. RT'78 / Dec 13 2017

    JMU wins 41-31

  16. Drake / Dec 13 2017

    34-24 JMU. Christmas comes early 2 years running.

  17. ShadyP / Dec 13 2017

    JMU 34
    SDSU – 20

  18. Rob K / Dec 13 2017

    JMU 21
    Rabbits 20

  19. Steve / Dec 13 2017

    21-17 Dukes

  20. Devon / Dec 13 2017

    35 to 31 Dukes. Can’t wait for Saturday!

  21. Cory / Dec 13 2017

    JMU – 24
    SDSU – 14

  22. Nick / Dec 13 2017

    33 – 29 – Dukes..cmon OL

  23. zac / Dec 13 2017

    Dukes 47

  24. RB / Dec 13 2017

    i’m with CJ, I think the ride ends this weekend. Rabbits have a lot of size up front which will slow our offense, and their talent and height at receiver will lead to repeated success against our secondary.

    SDSU by double digits, 31-20.

    Regardless, a great season for the Dukes and a bright future with Coach Houston in the fold.

    Hope CJ and I are both eating crow Saturday night.

  25. SM / Dec 13 2017

    Hate to be with CJ and RB on this one, but judging by how SDst. and NDst. dismantled their qtr final opponents…thinking it’s going to be a Dakota final down in Frisco. I hope like heck I’m wrong.

  26. Hart / Dec 13 2017

    JMU 27
    SDSU 20

  27. Tim Emry / Dec 14 2017

    JMU 20
    SDSU 13

  28. Andrea / Dec 14 2017

    I hope I am wrong but I say the bunnies breeze in and out with a win 24-21. The streak has to end eventually, right?

  29. 2004 Duke / Dec 14 2017

    Jacks 38
    Dukes 24

    Tip of the week: Never give up 75yd TD passes when PI is only a 15yd penalty.

    Bonus Tip: Marshall is a North/South Runner. Don’t ask him to run East/West.

  30. MJduke / Dec 14 2017

    I hate it but the streak ends this weekend. Great run but we just got too banged up on offense, and we got dealt a hard bracket. Had we gotten Sam Houston St we would be going to Frisco.

    Unfortunately, SDST dominated NH in every aspect of the game last week and did it without their best player. Our defense shut NH down, but our offense struggled. And our offense is worse and more injured now than it was then.

    Laat week, Schor’s early mistake, our penalties, and the lack of offense creativity early on almost did us in, and they honestly should have. We did not deserve to win that game.

    I have been seeing it all year building up to this point. The holes in the armor have been getting bigger and bigger. Unfortunately, this team is good enough to finally expose our weaknesses and take advantage of them. They are firing on all cylenders while we are hanging on by a thread.

    If we play a clean game we may only lose by 2 TDs. But I dont think we will. I anticipate a turnover early to give them the lead and another one late due to trying to play catchup and forcing things.

    38-17 SDST ends the streak.

    Also bold prediction: if we recieve the kickoff, go 3 and out and they score fast, OR have a pick 6 like last week on possession 1 giving them all the momentum, this game could turn into blowout and we could end up like NH.

  31. Daddy Q / Dec 14 2017

    It won’t be easy … our secondary will be tested BIG TIME.

    With a hope and a salute to Coach Houston …

    Good Guys – 28
    Visitors – 24

  32. The Fly / Dec 16 2017

    31-21 Dukes. I believe some here are over rating the Bunnies’ defense.

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