Jan 6 / Rob

FCS Championship Gameday: JMU vs. NDSU

There’s nothing more we can say folks. It’s a big day. It’s THE big day. JMU and NDSU kick off in a few hours. The winner is the undisputed king of FCS football. We have nothing more to say. Really. It’s time to Lock the Damn Gates!

Go Dukes!

Keep Rootin!


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  1. maddukes98 / Jan 6 2018

    What lot are you guys in??

  2. Shrowder / Jan 6 2018

    The officiating has been horrible, but that’s not why we’re losing. We’re losing because we’re not playing at the championship level we should be. Broken coverages, turnovers, not finishing 3rd downs.

    Let’s hope Houston starts cooking now something up at halftime.

  3. Mike in Ohio / Jan 6 2018

    Defense played well other than the one long TD pass in te first half. NDSU really did little on offense mist of tge game but our offense just did not make the plays. Interception in te 3rd quarter was a killer and Schorr did not play particularly well but he was under a lot of rush pressure all day and there were just too any dropped passes- knew they were going to get hit and dropped the ball. Other fluky interception in the 3rd hurt alot also. We just did not take advantage of opportunities that the defense presented to the offense. JMU will see this one as one they could have won but just did not make the pays when they needed too. Exciting game however and a two year run to remember. Frustrating weekend to be a JMU fan however. Listened to the basketball team last night let one totally get away due to poor coaching and today’s close loss in football. Still loyal and proud however. Go Dukes.

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