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JMU Basketball Cancels Two Games Due to Mumps

We’ve seen some weird stuff with JMU hoops over the years. Player departures, freak injuries, and even games lost due to an idiot tossing a hot dog on the court. But we can file this under things we’d never thought we’d say about JMU hoops. The Dukes have cancelled their next two games, Thursday vs. UNCW and Saturday at Elon, due to a potential mumps outbreak. That’s right, mumps.

Reports thus far indicate that one member of the JMU basketball staff and others are being tested. Head Coach Lou Rowe is among those being tested. There is also one player who could potentially be infected.

While we’re prone to use humor and attempt to laugh our way some of the bad breaks related to Dukes basketball. This doesn’t seem like a joking manner though. The most common symptoms of mumps include fever, body aches, headaches, and loss of appetite. According to the CDC however, there can be complications that lead to things such as encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) or meningitis. There is a vaccine however, and studies show that it works for about 90% of individuals who get two doses.

Canceling both games so that everyone can recover and avoid spreading the disease is unquestionably the right move. Let’s just hope everyone is taken care of and back to full health soon.


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  1. maddukes98 / Feb 7 2018

    Definitely serious enough to get attention from ESPN’s scroll during Sports Center. Hope everyone gets well soon.

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