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JMUSB Pod: CAA Hoops Preview With Brian Mull

When we came up with the idea for the JMUSB Podcast, Todd and I had a list of guests we’d like to have on, should we actually get thing off the ground. You heard many of the guys on the list during football season. Without a doubt though, our top target for hoops was Brian Mull. Thankfully, things worked out and we were lucky enough to have Brian on the latest episode to preview the CAA Basketball Tournament.

We first became fans of Brian’s work when he was the UNCW beat writer for the Wilmington Star News. He did an outstanding job covering the league at large. He no longer covers hoops for the newspaper, but is a contributor for other outlets including The Fieldhouse, the college basketball vertical at The Athletic.

On this episode, we discuss the CAA basketball regular season, including some of the teams that surprised us (in both good ways and bad ways), reminisce about the CAA Hoops of old, and take a look at this weekend’s tourney down in Charleston. It was an absolute blast to record and we think you’ll enjoy it if you’re a long time CAAhoops-head, or a relatively newbie who’s looking to get smart on the league before this weekend.

As always, thanks to Pale Fire Brewing in Harrisonburg for sponsoring the JMUSB Podcast.

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  1. Mike in OHio / Mar 3 2018

    Just read your twitter updates from today’s game. Not sure how you can be excited about a group that shot 3 out of 24!!!! in the last 10 minutes of the game. You could put in the reserves at the end of the bench and get that kind of result. When the team is struggling that much, why isn’t a time out called and a play set up to get a shot inside? But the coach does not do that. This game illustrates how the coach is in over his head. They blew leads all season long….no improvement whatsoever in this area over the course of the year or from last year. Today they had an 11 point lead with a little over 9 minutes to go. Granted they would have lost tomorrow even if they had won today but I don’t think there is anything to take away from today’s game that would make you feel optimistic about next year. Poor shooting, poor rebounding and poor defense. Ok on to spring sports and planning on attending the football spring game in April.

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