Mar 20 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Quarantine Season With Coach O

While we all do our part to help flatten the curve, Todd and I are going to try to push out a little more content. It’s fun for us and hopefully creates a positive distraction for many of you. Our favorite guest, JMU Women’s Basketball Coach Sean O’Regan, agreed to pop on the pod and discuss the abrupt end to the season and how the program is moving forward. And just like we always do with Coach, we talked a bit of NBA hoops. Give it a listen.

As always, thanks to our sponsors Pale Fire Brewing and Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. Stop by the brewery for a beer and let them know JMUSB sent you and you’ll go home with a free pint glass. And swing over to the fly shop, tell them JMUSB sent you and they’ll hook you up with some cool stickers. Support small businesses folks!

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  1. David / Mar 22 2020

    I enjoy your commentary and podcasts. Thanks for giving more attention to other JMU sports, in addition to football.
    From a 1970s era alum (before you were born), which shows the scope of your following.

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