Oct 11 / Todd

Just Step Back From the Ledge and Let’s Talk

JMU's Offense

In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen the Dukes current offense before, you can thank Trey Parker and Matt Stone for laying the groundwork for this season’s version seen here at left.  So instead of reviewing the most excrutiating win in years over Towson on Saturday, I’m just going to get a few things out.

There are just too many concerns for us to even begin a list here, but needless to say when the Dukes are running gimmick plays on 4th and Goal at the 1 it makes me want to kick the IT staff at the MadiZone in the nuts!  Oh wait, actually I always want to do that (and the new Droid JMU Football app is a huge FAIL also).  But I do shed a tear when I begin to worry about the living conditions in the undisclosed location where the terrorists are hiding Mickey Matthews.  Because the JMU that I know and love, the one that never let’s me down, the one that ALWAYS goes for it on 4th, even in their own end against the wishes of sissy fans out there, with a mule-stubborn running play or option up the middle has completely disappeared.

Rant concluded, I would urge you to consider that the Dukes are 4-1 and coming home for Homecoming!  Exactly where we hoped they’d be when the season started, just not exactly the way we thought they’d get there.  All is not lost.  Last year right now the Dukes were 2-3 and pretty much out of it before gaining steam the second half.  This year they’ve survived the spotty early season and still have everything in front of them.  This butt-trifling performance against Towson was exactly what they did against Hofstra last year, only this time they emerged relatively unscathed.  Or so we hope!

Injury news:  DJ Bryant tweeted he’s been cleared to play this week already after getting his bell rung Saturday while not wearing a mouthpiece, TE Barlow is out a few weeks, JMU is seeking a medical redshirt for Defensive Lineman Emmons who was injured in the 1st qtr of the VT game after transferring from Army.  UR Ticks QB Aaron Corp, the highly touted transfer from USC, is out for the season.  You fancy, huh?!

Lastly, it’s HOMECOMING!  So be happy, get your butt down to the ‘Burg and into the spirit early, and Let’s Go Dukes!  (Also, big win for Field Hockey who erupted on offense in the second half Sunday).


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  1. JMU Rugby / Oct 12 2010

    Madi-Zone pissed me off almost as bad as the play calling.

  2. Jason / Oct 12 2010

    While not pretty, it was a win. Also keep in mind, through 5 games the opposition is only scoring (total offense/defense/specials) an average 10.4 points a game against us. That means the defense (most of the praise) is playing lights-out and we aren’t giving up points off of special teams or opposing defensive teams (INT or fumble returns). I don’t like the odd play calling sometimes for sure, its definitely not Mickey Matthews that I have grown to know, but somehow it seems to work out. The test is definitely coming with Villanova, W&M, and UMass on the horizon. They aren’t going to be blow-outs so we have to be able to win the close games and that is just what we are doing.

  3. JMU Rugby / Oct 12 2010

    Clayton Matthews needs to get his receivers running better routes. From what I could see on MadiZone, they looked like shit

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