Jan 16 / Rob

So Long Billy Cosh, We Hardly Knew You

Billy Cosh.

It’s been rumored for a few weeks, and today Mike Barber from the DNR and Rivals tweeted that Billy Cosh has left JMU. According to Barber, Cosh has transferred to Butler Community College in Colorado Kansas and will play football there.

Cosh came to JMU last spring as a transfer from Kansas State, where he redshirted his freshman year. He had some ridiculous high school stats and was one of the most prolific passers in Maryland high school history. His senior year in high school he threw for 3,913 yards and 56 touchdowns, both state records. He was the 2009 Washington Post Player of the Year. Those numbers and accolades, plus the fact that he was coming from a BCS program, had JMU fans eager to see him rise up the depth charts. Unfortunately for Billy, that never happened.

Cosh was firmly 3rd in the pecking order behind Justin Thorpe and Jace Edwards, and even got passed by Andre Coble on the gameday depth chart late in the season. I don’t know if his skills made him a bad fit for the JMU offense, if the other guys on the roster were just better, or if it was something else entirely. The fact that he’s transferring down to a JUCO program leads me to believe he was pretty confident he was never going to see the field at JMU. His departure just makes  the pending arrival of 6’6″ 245 lbs QB Ian Fisher that much more exciting. By all accounts Cosh is a great kid though and we certainly wish him well.


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  1. Kyle Ames / Jan 17 2012

    The JMU offense is a bad fit for the JMU offense.

  2. 2004 Duke / Jan 21 2012

    “I don’t know if his skills made him a bad fit for the JMU offense…”

    So he can read coverages and throw further than 20 yards down the field?

  3. Michael Tavenner / Jan 25 2012

    Well, let’s see. He was never suspended, not involved in altercations requiring the police, and was able to stay awake and relay the somnambulistic play calls to the QB, so he is definitely a bad fit for our offense.

    I wish him the best. In fact, he can have my season tickets cause there is no way I am renewing them….cheaper to do Madizone for the year….water at my place isn’t 5 dollars.

  4. billy bob / Oct 31 2012

    i went to school with this kid he is dumb as rocks he could not learn the plays at k state and jeu thats why he moved down

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