Feb 28 / Rob

Tickets for JMU vs. WVU at FedEx on Sale Thursday

JMU fans have been looking forward to seeing the Dukes play West Virginia at FedEx Field ever since it was announced last summer. The game is still a long way off, but tickets for the much anticipated September 15 match-up go on sale this Thursday, March 1. Tickets range in price from $45 for upper deck seats to $149 for Ultimate Fan Zone Packages. The Ultimate Fan Zone Packages include pre-game hospitality in the Ultimate Fan Zone of course. I have no clue if that is some sort of high class affair for the 1% or if it’s just an opportunity to spend a lot of money so you can mingle with a bunch of banjo playing Mountaineer fans sporting overalls and Major ¬†Harris jerseys. Regardless of where you choose to sit, you can get a free JMU t-shirt with each ticket order. Student packages including a ticket and bus trip to and from FedEx are also being offered.

Todd and I will definitely be in attendance and we’ve already starting planning the the tailgate with our friends. We’ve also been investigating the possibility of getting a bus to transport us to and from the game safely. This is all preliminary, but let us know in the comments if you’d be interested in taking a bus to/from FedEx with us and some other JMU folks. We’re looking into having the pick up and return be somewhere in Arlington. We’d try to keep the costs reasonable and would probably try to arrive 4 hours prior to kick-off for tailgating. If enough folks seem interested, then we might try to pull something together.


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  1. Jamie Mottram / Feb 28 2012

    I am very much looking forward to this, at least until the game starts. Count me in for the bus.

  2. Mike Donohoe / Feb 29 2012

    Done and done. I have like 20 jmu fans that would be interested in this

  3. Dave Stone / Feb 29 2012

    Sign me up for a few seats on the bus. Lets hope we don’t get batteries thrown at us during the tailgate.

  4. The Guy You Brew Beer With / Feb 29 2012

    I’m in +1.

  5. Jeff / Feb 29 2012

    In for the bus and tailgate, +5

  6. Ryan L. / Mar 5 2012

    I’d be interested in a bus and I’m pretty sure I know of some others who would be interested as well.

  7. Kevin Barry / Mar 8 2012

    We have 8 that would be on board, I also have the ability to set up HD TV like we do for JMU home games.

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