Mar 15 / Todd

Good News, Really!

What, you thought VCU reppin’ the CAA tonight was the only tangential good news for the Dukes tonight?  (Actually it was nothing more than a reminder of just how overmatched JMU is in terms of athletes and recruiting and the coaching ability to maximize those assets, but we digress)

There really are two Friday roundup bits of good news this week:

First, women’s hoops won their opening game in the WNIT 64-49 over Davidson and will host Wake Forest at the Convo at 2 p.m. Sunday.  (We do realize this doesn’t move the meter even for dorks like us, but it’s another reminder how great it can be when a program matures properly and is well-coached on and off the court from recruiting right through X’s and O’s)

And second, full-blown MLS Superstar and former Duke CJ Sapong (@BigAfrika88) got a new contract to match his burgeoning status!  One of my co-workers who occassionally checks in our little JMUSB project says we’re overriding the coattails of our alums (mainly Sapong, Julien, and Moats but seriously, what the hell else are we going to talk about?!).

See a whole post of positivity! (except for the parens portion thanks men’s hoops!)

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  1. Rob / Mar 16 2012

    It’s also pro day for some football Dukes looking to impress NFL scouts. And it’s Madison Day, which just might give them an edge, right? Good luck to DJ and the rest of the crew today.

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