Jul 15 / Rob

Yeah, Bridgeforth Stadium Was Underwater

JMU was hit with flash flooding Saturday and as a result, Bridgeforth was briefly turned into the largest pool (or worst lake depending on your perspective) in the Valley. Amazingly enough, the water receded and things were in good enough shape that they were even able to hold a football camp in the stadium today. Hard to believe if you check out this video of campus taken yesterday during the flood.

Photo via practically everyone on Twitter


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  1. Coach Priz / Jul 16 2012

    reminds me of the flood our junior year(?) when there was a pool in the business building/chandler courtyard and the band equipment got sent across campus. I think we had like 2 feet of snow followed by a day of rain or something…

  2. Rob / Jul 16 2012

    I remember that. It also wiped out the bridge by Mr. Chips and washed away some cars from Godwin.

  3. JMUDRU / Jul 19 2012

    The word is that there was no water in Plecker or Godwin and that the stadium was designed to funnel water in a flooding situation like this. Apparently the only areas with water issues were the stadium weight room (in the corner of the godwin side stands) and I assume some of the other coaches offices right there underneath the stands. Hard to believe with that much water

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