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Rob’s Away…

…so JMUSB is in dangerous hands this week.  But thankfully I at least get to begin with really cool news.  Former Dukes Archer Jacob Wukie was part of the USA Men’s Team that took a surprising and thrilling silver medal earlier this week for the very first medal earned by Team USA in any sport in London! Seriously, say that again.  A JMU Duke athlete won a silver medal at the Olympics!  Yes, yes, we know we’ve never covered Archery or it’s untimely budget and Title IX -related demise in the ‘Burg, but there’s no way everyone can’t be happy for the guy.  We know nothing about the sport, but they damn near won the whole shootin’ match, losing by a single point to Italy in the final.  Congrats to Jake and hopefully this starts a new Olympic trend for the purple and gold.

Also on the Olympic front, JMU Head Field Hockey Coach (and awesome friend of JMUSB) Antoinette Lucas is a former Olympian herself and still does a lot of coaching and consulting for USA Field Hockey.  We know she’s super-proud that the team, never a shoe-in to even make the games, followed up their historic Pan-Am games upset of world power Argentina that got them into London with another massive upset yesterday of that same squad!  Another sport we claim zero knowledge of, but we do know the upset at Pan-Am (the entry tourney for London from our region) is considered to be in contention for GOAT status of field hockey upsets.  We can only imagine what yesterday’s victory means.

Lastly, Lawless, the movie based on the adaptation of JMU alum Matt Bondurant’s book Wettest County in the World, comes out later this month with premieres in various cities throughout the month so keep your eyes peeled.

Be back Friday with actual football coverage!  Less than five weeks till opening day!

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  1. 2004 Duke / Aug 10 2012

    JMU also won a bronze in women’s soccer (Canada).

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