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A.J. Davis Has Been Reinstated

Well that was quick. After being suspended Saturday morning for a violation of team standards, A.J. Davis has been reinstated. Coach Brady said he and Davis discussed the issue and came to the conclusion that Davis has earned the right to rejoin the team. There has been a lot of teeth gnashing over Davis and Brady and Davis’ seemingly poor attitude and Brady’s struggles to connect with players, etc, etc. For now though, it appears that the head coach and his arguably most talented player are ready to move forward. And that is a good thing.


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  1. Matthai / Dec 4 2012

    Brady is a joke. The team might do better with no head coach.

  2. 2004Duke / Dec 4 2012

    …and this probably upgrades our chances of having a respectable season from “LOL” to “Absolutely not”.

    I actualyl feel bad for the basketball program. I honestly have no idea what to tell them. I don’t see any benefit in hiring a new coach because god-knows we’ve done that plenty of times already. I can’t say “go start recruiting” because that doesn’t seem to work out. I damn-sure don’t support a new convo unless they a) start winning or b) tell me that we are joining the ACC and we need to build a new convo. I am at a total loss with the hoops program, and I honestly can’t think of any constructive advice or suggestions for them at this point.

    At least I can actually get mad at the football team because I know what they SHOULD be doing if they want to be successful, and they keep doing stupid things. I can’t even bring myself to get mad at the basketball team because they seem pretty hopeless.

    *I should specify MENs basketball, b/c the Women are awesome, and 99% of the time when I say anything about “JMU basketball”, I’m talking about the girls’ team.

    What do you guys think? Any realistic solutions for them out there?

  3. Rob / Dec 4 2012

    I wish I had a prescription for what ails JMU hoops. I really don’t know what needs to be done though. Last year the fanbase was pretty negative and this year it’s turned into apathy, which is worse. JMU has been struggling for almost 2 decades, but the good thing about college basketball is that things can turn around quickly. One good recruiting class or one hot run through a conference tourney and things could be looking up. It ain’t much, but it’s the hope I’m clinging to.

  4. Sri Bhagavan / Dec 4 2012

    Suspend Brady

  5. Shady_P / Dec 4 2012

    There is no way the AJ – Brady situation is resolved. I see no way that AJ makes it through the season on this team. He may be very gifted athletically (hmmm – seems I have heard that repeatedly about another player) but it may be addition by subtraction without him. He is the only guy the last two season’s who seems to not buy into what they are trying to do and playing tough defense.

    I agree with 2004Duke – until the mens basketball team gets to winning again I see no reason for discussion of a new basketball venue. Also the women’s team ROCKs!!!! Maybe JMU Admin should see if Kenny Brooks would like to coach the mens team.

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