Jan 7 / Todd

Good Job, Good Effort

JMU lost at Hampton tonight.  Hampton has an RPI of 346.  Out of 347 Division 1 teams (but a MUCH, much, much more respectable 287 in KenPom!).  JMU had 17 turnovers and committed 26 personal fouls against a terrible team.  That’s just laziness and llama-shit.

It's really sad how many times this shot can be used lately, and it really doesn't do this loss justice.

The saddest part is a win tonight would’ve made JMU one of only two CAA teams over .500 and in a seven-eligible-teams-year, this shitty-and-getting-shittier conference is ripe for the taking.  But none of it matters because the Dukes under Brady continue to be an inconsistent, underachieving, pile of steaming tampons.

There are two ways this post could go:

1) We could fall apart in a ranting meltdown about the giant SUCK that is JMU’s two most high-profile programs at the moment and the even gianter SUCK that is the CAA and what that means in a world of “monitoring the situation.”

2) Or we could go all fruity homerish and try and put a ludicrous spin on this (Seme’s out, 3rd game in 6 days, Moore’s been out and is dealing with a lot, OOC game and we’re not looking for at-larges here) like Schickman tried so valiantly to do at the end of the broadcast tonight.

The former might stir the pot here and fire up some good commentary, but damn it, nothing that happens surprises us anymore and at this point it’s just not worth it.  Don’t get me wrong, we’ll be at the Mason game because we’re masochistic I guess, and we’ll tune into the shitshow that will be the CAA tourney and hope like hell for a play-in 16/16 game in Dayton, but more than 300 words on anything that happens under Bourne, Matthews, and Brady feels worthless right now.


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  1. Matt / Jan 8 2013

    JMU football went from on the rise to top of the mountain to left behind in less than a decade.

    JMU basketball…at least we’ve got the girls

  2. Shady_P / Jan 8 2013

    After last night I would tell Brady to pack his shit today and get the hell out. At this point I don’t care who the coach is but that level of effort is just plain unacceptable. They need to find out which players actually care about playing and representing this school…..while getting a free-ride at JMU. If you don’t care and have heart please just pack your crap and leave.

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