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A.J. Davis Dunked A Guy Out of the Game You Guys

A.J. Davis is the kind of player who can literally make a person’s jaw drop in disbelief. Yesterday, he did just that when he dunked all over ODU’s Nick Wright. And JMUsports.com captured it in what might be the greatest JMU sports related photograph I’ve ever seen. I mean, if 10 year old me saw that on a Sports Illustrated poster, I’m quite sure it would be hanging on my wall as soon as I could scrounge up $8. Nick Wright on the other hand, probably doesn’t care much for the picture. He was the unfortunate individual who happened to be occupying the space between A.J. and the rim at the time of the incident. While A.J.’s dunk brought me out of my seat, it knocked Mr. Wright out of the game. Seriously. I haven’t checked the archives, but it’s probably the first time a JMU opponent has ever been dunked out of a game.

The Dukes took care of business yesterday and beat ODU by the score of 56-46. It was an ugly game for much of the first half, with both teams struggling to put the ball in the hoop. JMU found some energy at the end of the opening period and went into the locker room tied at 21-21. ODU stuck to its gameplan and tried to keep it a slowed down, physical contest. Three Dukes’ freshmen kept their composure and helped JMU cruise to a comfortable win. Freshmen Andre Nation, Ron Curry, and Charles Cooke paced the Dukes with combined 32 points. The win game JMU its first sweep of ODU since 2000. The Dukes are now 11-10 overall and 5-3 in the CAA. That puts them in 3rd place in the standings. ODU is terrible and the possibility of the Monarchs going winless in CAA play is looking more and more likely. It’s still a solid win and the fact that JMU could keep its composure and persevere through some ugly ODU-style ball, speaks volumes. The fact that they could do it with three true freshmen leading the way says even more. But really, this game was all about the dunk.



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  1. Shady_P / Jan 28 2013

    Say what you will about this team but they are actually still fighting and tied for 2nd place in the CAA. This group just needs to play with the same fire on the road as in the Convo. I really like what I see out of this team when they play at home. These 4 freshman that Brady brought in this year seem like the real deal and really give a good foundation this year and moving forward. Lets hope the next recruiting class is as good.

  2. Lorner / Jan 29 2013

    Basketball is fun for these young men. It is not a joke to say you put someone out of a game. It could have been something to have seriously injured him. Davis threw his knee in someones ribs. What if he had it done to him. So who ever wrote this blog obviously needs prayer because they feel like it is okay to do something great and injury someone. Yes I agree it was a great dunk but not the way he injured someone.

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    JMU Sports Blog <Liked it!

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