Jan 29 / Todd

Air Raid!

The strong-and-getting-stronger beat reporter for the Daily News Record, @MatthewStoss, is reporting that Hal Mumme, yes that Hal Mumme, is expected to be named JMU’s new Offensive Coordinator very soon.  Sounds like it’s a done deal but for the ridiculous inner-workings of bringing on “employees of the Commonwealth,” thus preventing it from becoming official until after this week.

Needless to say, we’ll be back with much, much, much more commentary on this inspiring development, but it’s important to note this isn’t some random rumor.  Mumme’s name surfaced a month ago and he’s an old friend of Mickey’s from the early days of their coaching journeys when they were on the same staff at West Texas A&M.

This has to be thrilling news for JMU’s offensive players, particularly the former “wide-blocking” corps.  Also helps to explain why the Dukes have 5 WR’s in the incoming class.  If it works, it’s thrilling news for fans too!


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  1. Shady_P / Jan 30 2013

    This is GREAT NEWS…..finally something to get excited about when the offense is on the field.

  2. Coach Priz / Jan 30 2013

    You have to respect Mickey (even if it was forced on him) to finally relinquish true control of the Offense to someone else.

  3. Kevin / Jan 30 2013

    If hazing wasn’t such a taboo these days how awesome would it be to have that clip on the JMView right before the team’s entrance music? AIR RAID!!! then the smoke kicks in… just awesome.

  4. Todd / Jan 31 2013

    Coach Priz – Still don’t have to respect Mickey, he got lucky his old pal was coaching D2. That said, it’s really exciting. And as Rob said, if we still get conservative when it counts, that shows MM actually controls everything, so we’ll have to see.

    Kevin – Great idea! Even without the full clip they can show her big “Air Raid!!!” scream.

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