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Andrey Semenov Will Return For 6th Year

Andrey Semenov announced via twitter today that he has been granted a 6th year of eligibility and will return to play next season. He had already used a medical redshirt for the 2009-2010 season in which he missed all but 5 games due to back problems. Because Andrey only played in 6 of 36 JMU games this year however, he was eligible to apply for an additional medical redshirt. It was approved so now he’s back. And that is very good news.

Semenov will be the lone senior in the regular rotation next year. At this point the Andre Nation, Ron Curry, Taylor Bessick, and Charles Cooke are projected to join Semenov in the starting lineup. All four are talented players, but they’ll only be sophomores. Semenov will add some experience and a deft shooting touch to the lineup. In his last full season, he shot 40% from three point range, which was second best in the CAA. His long range shooting should stretch the defense and open up opportunities for the other guys to slash to the basket. And with a supposedly talented recruiting class on the way, JMU could be well positioned to defend its CAA crown.


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  1. 89 Grad / Apr 2 2013

    Hopefully this news and the news that Sienna has hired a new basketball coach means that Brady is coming back.

    “Jimmy Patsos leaving Loyola to take men’s basketball job at Siena” http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/college/basketball/mens/bal-jimmy-patsos-leaving-loyola-to-take-mens-basketball-job-at-siena-20130402,0,2068790.story

  2. '04 Duke / Apr 3 2013

    Who is in our 2013 recruiting class? Rivals doesn’t list a single recruit for this class. I know we have Dimitrije Cabarkapa coming off a redshirt.

  3. Rob / Apr 3 2013

    The big get who’ve I’ve read about is Ivan Lukic. He’s a 6’9 player from Serbia who is supposedly a good shooter. He gave a verbal to JMU recently.

    Jackson Kent and Paulius Satkus signed LOI in November. Brady is still working on some others as well. Which sort of stresses the point that Brady needs a contract.

  4. 89 Grad / Apr 3 2013

    Per NCAA rules, can he even recruit right now?

  5. Rob / Apr 3 2013

    Recruits can sign LOI between April 17 and May 15. I don’t think there are any additional restrictions in place in the final weeks leading up to that period. Are you asking because of Brady’s contract situation? I don’t know the answer, but am trying to clarifying so another commenter could help out.

  6. 89 Grad / Apr 3 2013

    Yes, I thought his contract expired at the end of the season. However, being a State employee, it may go through the school year. Either way, it has to be tough to recruit right now.

  7. Shady P / Apr 3 2013

    That is GREAT News!!!
    Andre will provide leadership to these guys next year.

  8. CentennialDuke / Apr 4 2013

    The contract ends on April 24, 2013.

  9. '04 Duke / Apr 4 2013

    How many slots do we have left to fill with 2013 recruits? Next year’s roster, as I see it now, consists of:

    Ron Curry
    Andrey Semenov
    Dimitrije Cabarkapa
    Arman Meeks
    Charles Cooke
    Andre Nation
    Taylor Bessick
    Jackson Kent
    Ivan Lukic
    Paulius Satkus
    Thomas Rivard

    Am I missing anyone else that’ll be on scholarship next year? If not, that would leave us with 2 scholarships left to fill for next year.

  10. Bhagavan / Apr 4 2013

    You missed Enoch Hood

  11. 89 Grad / Apr 5 2013

    CentennialDuke– thank you

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