Sep 21 / Rob

Gameday Open Thread: JMU vs. Charlotte

JMU-MSU FTBHere you go folks. Consider this the spot for all of your pre-game, in-game, and post-game chatter. Stay dry and root fer Dukes!


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  1. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Gooooooooo Dukes!

  2. bulldogg / Sep 21 2013

    Punch them in the dadgum neck!

  3. Ken / Sep 21 2013

    Go Dukes — defense will get tested tonight. Last week UNCC ran 106 plays, put up 530+ yards, but still lost by 4 touchdowns. A pick-6, KO return for a TD, end zone interception plus a second red zone turnover — and 7 total turnovers — gave NCCU points and/or short fields.

    Here’s rootin’ for a UofL style blowout tonight. I will be enjoying parents weekend at Western Kentucky University with my daughter! Will check in later.

  4. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Well….. another outstanding start for the dukes. Do the coaches give “demotivational” speeches in the lockerroom?

  5. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    I missed UNCC’s first drive, what happened?

  6. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    gee, anybody else think the QB Draw’s gonna kill us tonight?

  7. Deepsouthduke / Sep 21 2013

    Is Madizone down again??

  8. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    I want to sue madizone for pain and suffering. These technical difficulties are absolutely killing me.

  9. rob feuerstein / Sep 21 2013

    cant get madizone to work again

  10. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    i’ve watched him get injured at least 6 times now. C’mon Madizone

  11. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Glad this is free this year. #bushleague

  12. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    i would rather pay for a working madizone than get this years product for free

  13. JMUDFW / Sep 21 2013

    I have tried all browsers, and still stuck at 7:21. We scored another touchdown, so it’s 14-7 JMU.

  14. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    The last time the stadium wad this empty, I was a freshman and we were like 1-10. What’s up with that?

  15. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Omg madizone. Seriously.

  16. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    the on field product hasnt been worth sitting in the rain yet this year

  17. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    c’mon Camy Cakes, PATs are freebies

  18. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    I have no idea what has happened in the2nd quarter

  19. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Who got ejected? Why?

  20. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Stanton got ejected for targeting a player. I didn’t see it (due to Madizone issues) but was able to listen to the call. Can’t tell from the announcers if it was a good call or not.

    Also, JMU Sports just said that the Madizone issues are due to the web provider, not the JMU feed. The provider is working on fixing them. It sucks, but I can deal with crappy video easier than crappy football. 20-7 in this weather, ain’t too bad.

  21. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Also, I saw Birdsong’s pick and it looked to me like he was trying to throw it away toward the sideline. Receiver and DB made a play on it though. It’s one he’s going to want back, but he’s playing much better than he did last week.

  22. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Tracy Smith is a brave young woman to ask MM questions during the game.

  23. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013



  24. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Our front 7 are playing well tonight. I’m really surprised at how awful uncc’s QB is, though

  25. Cory / Sep 21 2013

    When did Jmu go 1-10?

  26. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Especially well considering that they’re now playing w/o Stanton and Harold.

  27. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Ok…technically we were 2-9. Whatever.

  28. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Agree Rob…. the DL really stepped up

  29. Deepsouthduke / Sep 21 2013

    Some of Ginger giants throws have been encouraging tonight.. Minus those picks

  30. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Does it seem to anyone else like UNCC just kind of quit in the 3rd q?

  31. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Really like what I’m seeing from Abdullah. Kid can play.

  32. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Was just about to make the same comment about Abdullah. It’s easy to see why Mickey pulled his redshirt. He’s got real talent.

  33. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Sooooo …. is Lambert even still on the team?

  34. JMUDFW / Sep 21 2013

    Yes to Lambert – he and Latney are hurt so had to bring in Abdullah

  35. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Good game tonight. The passing game still needs some work, but it was much better than last week. The OL played well. The front 7 on defense showed up big time being down 2 guys.

    Can’t really say about the secondary. UNCC’s QB was horrible. Titus Till had a good game.

    I’m really excited about Abdullah. I love how he runs north-south and full speed ahead instead of all these jump-cuts and sideways stuff. He also plays really hard.

    Daniel Brown also looked really good at WR.

    Good work tonight guys.. Let’s keep in mind, though, that UNCC played 22 freshmen. We just essentially beat a high school team, and only put up 35. Just saying.

    Time for the guys to focus on Deleware. I watched UDee play last weekend, and they are pretty good. Their OL is huge. That could be a problem if we are thin on DL.

  36. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    Thx DFW… didn’t realize they were hurt.

  37. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Yeah, Lambert has a torn ligament in his thumb and was playing with a cast last week. I’m hoping that was the cause of the fumble problems.

    Nice win tonight overall. They need to eliminate the fumbles, but maybe they were weather related. The front seven is coming together and the passing game is getting better. I’m excited to see how things play out next week.

    Beat Delaware!

  38. 2004 Duke / Sep 21 2013

    I know I don’t cut Mickey any slack (he doesn’t deserve any), but i’ll give credit where credit is due… He sounds very professional in this post-game presser.

    Granted, its easier when you win.

  39. Rob / Sep 21 2013

    Mickey has actually done a much better job of putting some of the heat on himself and holding himself accountable, instead of letting the players take the fall. He actually took responsibility for putting Lambert out there with a cast and the inability to secure the ball, instead of blaming him for the fumbles. I’m sure he’s not giving him a pass when the reporters are gone, but it’s still nice to see him stick up for the players in the press.

  40. Cory / Sep 21 2013

    Jmu students were seriously lame participants this week. Very disappointed.

  41. MRD2012 / Sep 21 2013

    ^i dunno, I saw close to 500 students crammed into the endzone section. Strangely enough they all had shiny metal things in their hands. i’m sure thats just coincidence though.

  42. Deepsouthduke / Sep 22 2013

    I was also disappointed in the fan showing… A school with near 20,000 students should fill the student section every game.. Even in the rain

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