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Gameday Open Thread: JMU vs. William & Mary

JMU-WM FTBIt’s a beautiful fall day in the Commonwealth, perfect for a football game between the Dukes and their old rivals the William & Mary Tribe Pantsless Griffins. Kick-off is at 3:30 and you can purchase the stream of the game here. DC Metro Dukes can join the official viewing party at Penn Social at 801 E St. NW in DC. Consider this your open thread for pre-game, in-game, and post-game chatter. Enjoy the game everyone. And root fer Dukes!


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  1. Cory / Oct 26 2013

    Good to know Madizone isn’t the only glitchy website in the CAA

  2. Kyle / Oct 26 2013

    Mickey must be fired. Awful showing off of a bye week.

  3. Cory / Oct 26 2013

    Birdsong needs to be benched. He’s looked horrible today.

  4. Ken / Oct 26 2013

    at least the stadium maintenance, housekeeping and housekeeping crews won’t have to work over Thanksgiving…..again.

  5. Xerk / Oct 26 2013

    Birdsong looks like shit. Horrific playcalling. Thank God Mickey decided to start meddling with the quarterbacks and the offense and ran off Jeff Durden. This offense is the bomb!

  6. Bill / Oct 26 2013

    They will never win with Mickey as the head coach. The players have personally told me they hate him and don’t want to play for him. You won’t win games without a coach you would go to war for. They don’t have the passion they should with him there.

  7. Kyle / Oct 26 2013

    Mickey is driving this program into the ground. a new coach will do wonders for the talent level of this team.

  8. Ken / Oct 26 2013

    *and concessions

    wow…thoroughly feckless performance, though i guess holding an offensively-challenged team like w&m to 10 points is a push.

  9. KB / Oct 26 2013

    Matthews should have been removed last year. When was the last time he won a MUST win game?

    Yea, 2008. Sip on that….

  10. Cory / Oct 26 2013

    Play calling definitely limited today by olines lack of push and birdsong sucking it up

  11. s2dsayer / Oct 26 2013

    Even in 2008 he won two big games on a hail mary and a scotty punt return

  12. Deacon Danny / Oct 26 2013

    That’s all MM can come up with 2 weeks to prepare. I keep hearing about all of this offensive fire power. Would like to have seen some of that today!

    Prediction: JMU goes 1-3 over the final 4 to finish 6-6 for the season.

  13. 757 Duke Dawg / Oct 27 2013

    Fire Mickey Matthews! I’ve been saying it for a year. The numbers tell the truth. I hate to say it but the chances of us making the playoffs are slim to none. We’d have to win out and that ain’t happening considering who we’re playing.

    I posted several weeks ago after someone posted some proven numbers…with no response…can anyone provide a legit reason at this point why Mickey Matthews is still in Harrisonburg?

  14. JMU2002Duke / Oct 27 2013

    Is there room for one more on the “Fire Mickey Bandwagon?” With yet another loss (due in no small part to questionable playcalling), I just put Mickey somewhere between Kevin Gilbride and Ke$ha on my “How the hell are you gainfully employed?!” list. I’m not sure how long the administration is going to let MM keep his job based on 2004, but it’s becoming apparent that he’s not what this program needs as it moves towards a potential future in the FBS. My 2 cents….

  15. Hammy from way back / Oct 27 2013

    It could ‘a/ should ‘a been 14 – 10 JMU, but the “Ginga Ninga” threw a very nice pass to the wrong colored game jersey for a 93 yard “Pick Six” If JMU scored and held on to win, would everyone be wanting to lynch MM???
    Next year will be better as QB and his posse will be more mature and Abdulah will replace DQS. JMU needs a new Middle Linebacker for 2014.
    Villa, Towson and UNH are very tough. Stony Brook lost their two best players against Buffalo earlier in the year. 6=6 for the year!

  16. Dukes4 / Oct 27 2013

    I concur with your review and pleased to see you and other recognize just how inefficient BS (BirdSong) when he’s flushed and he seems to be in that position most of the time. Agree about the lack of throws to Brown- kept saying that during the game. But how about W&M third downs- how many times did they simply just pass to the first down sticks? Did our defense not notice? We had to sneak out of Wburg this morning ………………

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