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Guest Post: JMU Memories and Slowing Down

unnamedLast week Matt won the prediction contest and as a result he got to write a guest post. In it, he reminds us the importance of having perspective and appreciating the little things. A reminder we could probably all use after last week’s disappointing result. Take it away Matt.
I’m not sure I like winning the prediction contest by picking a blowout; but I suppose that is what I get for being a pessimist.  In the past when I’ve won this contest I’ve written about Away Games, Program Evolution and Playcalling, and I’ve taken a walk down memory lane.
I don’t know enough about this team and this program to speak intelligently about it.  I am certainly not going to get down on the team just because of one bad game despite being a pessimist (I’m a weird pessimist).  So instead I am going to relay one of my best JMU memories.  One day during my Sophomore year I was having a bad day.  My future wife (though at the time she was only my friend) figured it out during one of our conversations using the phone application on the VAX system (for you kids out there, this was what passed for Instant Messaging at the time).  Anyway, she rounded up a few of our friends and kidnapped me. They took me up to the hill where ISAT-1 was under construction and we ate cookies under the stars.  I felt much better after that.
So my advice to JMU fans who are upset right now; find yourself a hill under the stars and contemplate the vastness and beauty of the universe while eating some cookies…it worked for me anyway.

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  1. Cory / Sep 6 2014

    Looking at the open thread of today’s game it would appear that there were quite a few alums that needed this advice.

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