May 20 / Rob

Brady Inks Rayshawn Goins – JMU Games Will Be Much More Exciting

JMU signee, Rayshawn Goins.

We told you not to panic. Just when things appeared to be getting dicey, Coach Brady comes through and signs 6’6″ 250 lbs power forward Rayshawn Goins. The Goins recruitment has been a bit of a never-ending saga, but I’m thrilled that he’s going to joining the Dukes. He’s coming to JMU from junior college Cincinnati State, where he put up 22 and 14 a game.

Goins’ Cincinnatti State teammate, James Millen, has already signed with JMU. Rayshawn adds to the growing number of Ohio based recruits that will suit up for the Dukes. Goins played AAU ball with Devon Moore, Trevon Flores, and fellow recruit A.J. Davis and their team matched up against Julius Wells’.

Coach Brady projects that Goins will play down low in the 4 spot, giving the Dukes a pretty tough front line when he and Denzel play together. The DNR piece quotes Brady as saying Goins will be “one of the top seven or eight guys” in the Dukes’ rotation. That’s a pretty telling quote, considering that at times JMU only suited up nine guys last year. Next season JMU should have a healthy Devon Moore (I think that’s the biggest “get” of the offseason), a healthy Semenov, Wells, Bowles, and a pretty solid recruiting class. Plus a couple of great energy guys in Ben Louis and Trevon Flores. I really think JMU could be ready to challenge for the CAA title this season. We told you.  Basketball is an unpredictable pirate game of give and take. No need to panic.


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  1. Circus / May 20 2010

    We still have a Mens basketball team? Thought that went bye bye with wrestling, fencing and archery amongst others.

  2. Todd / May 20 2010

    Is that a team photo or a mug shot?

  3. Rob / May 21 2010

    Does kind of have that mug shot look to it, huh? Cincy State marketing needs to step it up JMU sportsmarketing style and put lightning behind all team photos.

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