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NFL 15/16 Predictions

The 2015 NFL season starts again next month and fans are getting hyped for the new round of American football games. The NFL season culminates with the Super Bowl and next season’s Super Bowl is the 50th anniversary of the championship, so it’s one to watch.

San Fran SBWith the first preseason match being played next week we’re getting close to the clash of the American football titans as they battle it out to get to the Super Bowl final.
The New York Jets are the bookies’ favourite to be knocked out of the initial geographical leagues without ever making it to the Super Bowl championships, along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who have not had a great offseason. These teams are expected to be knocked out the quickest, coming dead last in the Super Bowl before it’s even begun.
The Seattle Seahawks are the favourite to take the championship title next year as they’ve added star player Jimmy Graham to their team and showcased his style throughout a stellar offseason. Their increasing quality in the last few years have made them a favourite to win in the next big championship game.

Saints SBThe New England Patriots are hot on their heels in terms of odds to win as their star player Tom Brady lead the team to victory in last year’s Super Bowl. They beat the Seahawks in a blaze of glory last year but their team doesn’t seem quite as strong this year so it could be a narrow defeat. The Denver Broncos are worth an honourable mention too as Peyton Manning could bring the team that all important win next year.

Peyton SBThe Jacksonville Jaguars and the Tennessee Titans are currently the underdogs as they have the most outlandish chance to win and thus stand the biggest chance of coming in dead last in the league. They’re both sitting at odds of 150 to 1 to win, making them the most likely to be put out of the championship early.
The Jacksonville Jaguars most recently faced the Pittsburgh Steelers and won but scouts are clearly still not impressed by their performance and anticipate them being knocked out in the early stages. If you find their games a bit stale then be sure to have a mobile casino on standby so you can spice up the experience with some additional gambling games.
The big game will be played in San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium after a fierce bidding war with Florida’s Sun Life Stadium. Although betting on the location for Super Bowl 2016 has now closed this is an exciting bet to make next offseason when games are thin on the ground.

49ers SBWhichever team you pick to bet on the odds are that it will be one of the big three, it’s been speculated that other teams don’t have a chance against the Seahawks, Patriots or Broncos. This could be the kiss of death to any team that’s drawn against them as they’ll be out of the championship before it gets underway. While it’s technically possible that one of the underdog teams could exploit a weakness or just get lucky against one of these teams it’s highly unlikely.
Underdogs have surprised the masses to win the Super Bowl before and it’s conceivable that it could happen again this year. A small bet on an unlikely winner can reap amazing rewards if they manage to beat the odds and slide into first place. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to scoop victory from the jaws of defeat in 2003 when they took on the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl Final. Head Coach Jon Gruden of the Buccaneers had previously worked with the Raiders and this provided an important insight into the team’s mechanics.Bucs SB


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  1. Rob (not that one) / Aug 20 2015

    What was this?! I’ve been reading the blog for 2-3 years now and this did not sound like any of the other posts I read. It sounded like this blog was written by an ESL robot. I’m not even sure what it is that I just read.

  2. Rob / Aug 20 2015

    Check out the tag Rob. It’s how we pay for the other 2-3 years of posts you’ve been reading.

  3. Chris / Aug 20 2015

    “Filed under sponsored post” ah — I see…

    This was clearly not written by an American. “Favourite” and “honourable” are dead giveaways. plus… who calls a football game a match? -the same who would qualify American football as such, that’s who. The bloody English. Not bloody really, I’ve always found the English to be nice and polite… I say Bloody, because when I read something written by an English person, I do so with a little British accent in my head, and ‘bloody’ just comes out. Also; words like ‘cracking’ or ‘smashing.’

    So… there you have it…. by the way the Skins are gonna suck, but I know my beloved Dukes will make fall a little more enjoyable.

  4. Rob (not that one) / Aug 20 2015

    I noticed the tag but had never seen it before.

    What’s crazy is that someone paid you to post that. It’s not an ad and it doesn’t send you anywhere and it seems to stop on the middle of their analysis. I’m not sure who would benefit from paying a college sports blog to post their poorly written article about some of the teams in the NFL. But as long as the check cleared…

    I did like the closing random fact…”Jon Gruden previously coached the Raiders” in case you were wondering.

    Well I gotta go get my mobile casino ready it is currently on standby. I’m going to bet on the location of the next Super Bowl since I’m told that is an exciting offseason bet to place.

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