Mar 15 / Rob

Today Is Giving Day, Which Means You Are On the Wrong Website

Today, March 15, 20016, is #JMUGivingDay. Which means you really need to stop reading this post, and head on over to the official JMU Giving Day page to make a donation. Go do that, then come on back. We’ll wait.

OK. Thanks for that. As we explained on Friday, JMU Giving Day is a 24 hour online fundraising effort. We are honored to working with the Duke Club to help promote it. We’re making a donation to the Duke Club in the amount of $80 today, 20 bucks for each of JMU Softball’s wins over the weekend. That’s over and above our regular Duke Club donations, which let me tell you, are YUUUUUGE.

The Duke Club’s goal is to raise $24,500 today. That’s the amount of one in state full athletic scholarship. We think the JMU community can do much better than that. And boy are we gonna be disappointed if JMU can’t do better than Elon. So please go make a donation and announce it with the hashtag #JMUGivingDay to help spread the word.


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