Jul 7 / Rob

We Can Guarantee Zalakeramia ZTE Is Your New Favorite Hungarian Basketball Club

kirbyThat’s right, we’re going with Hungarian Basketball news. (It’s July people.) But wait, this isn’t your standard Hungarian hoops clickbait that litters the internet nowadays It’s actually relevant. Really relevant. And that’s because we now know that Zalakeramia ZTE is your new favorite Hungarian basketball club. Or at least it should be, because the men’s team just signed Devon Moore and the women’s team signed Kirby Burkholder. Seriously, how cool is that?

As you undoubtedly know, Moore is a former standout point guard for JMU who helped take the Dukes back to the NCAA tournament after a 19 year absence. As a senior, he averaged 11 points and 4.9 assists. Since graduating from JMU, Moore has played in Europe. He’s had stints with teams in Germany, Ukraine, and Hungary. My Hungarian isn’t too good (it’s non-existent), but this signing seems to be for a summer league of some sort. He now will attempt to latch on permanently with Zalakeramia ZTE, a team that finished 5th in the Hungarian A Division.

Burkholder was a standout scorer for the Dukes under former coach Kenny Brooks. She averaged over 18 points and nearly 9 boards a game as a senior, and was selected as the CAA Player of the Year. She also dropped 28 and 18 in the Dukes NCAA Tournament victory over Gonzaga. Since graduating from JMU, she’s played for Azzurra Orvieto in the Italian League and had a stint in Belgium. In Italy, she averaged 14 points a game and was Eurobasket All Italian. According to the translated version of this website, “the American girl is expected to post a triple spindle társakhoz.” We assume that’s a good thing. Kirby is expected to join the team in September prior to the start of the season.


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