Jul 10 / Rob

JMU Women to Host Tennessee Lady Vols in November

Convo CrowdSean O’Regan has lined up a pretty impressive opponent for his first home game as head coach of the JMU Women’s Basketball team.. The Dukes will play host to the Lady Vols from the University of Tennessee on November 11. The Tennessee program is legendary and getting the Vols on the Dukes’ schedule is quite a score. Getting them to play the first game of the series on the road in Harrisonburg is kind of nuts.

Just like in the men’s game, it can be very difficult for successful mid-major teams to line up out of conference games against quality opponents. P5 programs don’t like to schedule games they can lose. As such, it’s often tough for a solid mid-major like JMU to get good games. Kenny Brooks said as much when he departed. O’Regan managing to get a power team to come to the ‘burg in his first year as head coach is a pretty big deal. Any P5 team for the home opener would have been great. Getting the winningest team in women’s college basketball history? Damn near amazing. Of course, JMU has a proud history as well, with the third most total victories. So it will be two of the three winningest programs facing off in the Convo. Better get your tickets soon.

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