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SEC Rivalries Worth Keeping Up With

When it comes to the NCAA, there are – without a doubt – a number of diehard fans. However, regardless of who you root for during the season, you have to admit that there is just something about SEC football that makes it exciting and worth watching. The fact is, the SEC is one of the most entertaining and successful conferences in all of college football. In fact, there are quite a few passionate fans that go all out to show support for their favorite teams. There are also a number of long-standing rivals within the SEC that are –honestly – worth keeping up with. If you are new to the world of SEC football, learn more about these exciting rivalries here.

Florida and Georgia

Considered to be one of the oldest rivalries in regard to college football, the competition between Georgia and Florida heats up each year. This is a rivalry that dates back several decades and, as a result, always ensures a great game when these two teams meet up on the field. While both teams have had their struggles in recent years, there is no question that they will give it their all when they meet on the gridiron.

Auburn and LSU

Another extremely old and dated rivalry is the one that is between LSU and Auburn. While each of the teams have some struggles, they will give their all when they meet on the field. Both teams have made some management changes this year, which may give them the competitive edge necessary to take the other one out. However, only sporticos will tell since this game is going to be played later in the season.
Alabama and Auburn

One of the absolute biggest rivalries in the entirety of the SEC teams, is the one between Auburn and Alabama. While the Iron Bowl is one of the last of the season, it is one that is anticipated by both teams and their fans throughout the year. If you are a fan for one of these teams you know how bad the mud-slinging can get. If you aren’t’ necessarily a fan, you likely have seen some of the memes and other competitive sayings pop up on Facebook and other social platforms. For fans; however, this is a don’t miss game that is played on the Saturday after Thanksgiving each year.
If you love football, you fully know some of these rivalries. Even if you aren’t a football fan, you can likely get behind a great team.

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