Sep 29 / Rob

Next Week Is Officially Duke Club Week You Guys

dclogo_horizontal_fullcolorLike most of you, we’re squarely focused on the JMU vs. UD game this weekend. While we don’t want to distract anyone from rootin on Saturday, we’d like to take a sneak peek towards next week. Because next week is officially JMU Duke Club Week. And our fine friends from the Duke Club asked us to help get the word out.

If you’re anything like us (and pray you are not), you might not know what Duke Club Week is. We certainly didn’t. But it’s pretty simple. Each JMU home football game has a sponsor and next week the Duke Club is sponsoring the clash against William & Mary. And they’ve decided to make the entire week a celebration of sorts for the Duke Club. It’s really just a way to spread the word about the Duke Club, celebrate all the great things it’s done, and get folks excited about the organization. Since it’s 2016, we can just call it a branding exercise. Nobody is asking for anything. Although if you’d like to give, we ain’t gonna be mad at you.

Todd and I are both proud members of the Duke Club and have been for years. We love giving back and supporting the student athletes who’ve provided us with countless hours of entertainment and memories to last a life time. And we’ve had more fun than you can imagine at Duke Club watch parties, happy hours, and Coaches Caravans than you can imagine. But we’ll save our little testimonial on why we love being Duke Club members for another day.

Instead, we took to Twitter and asked Duke Club donors why they give to JMU athletics. The responses were pretty great, so we thought we’d share some here.

And perhaps the best reason of all…

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