Nov 15 / Rob

Bryan Schor Is Apparently Not Done for the Year

Well, that certainly change things. The DNR’s Greg Madia pulled this intriguing comment from Coach Houston yesterday. Look, there’s an awful lot to unwrap in Houston’s comments. We still don’t know exactly what Schor’s injury is or how the doctors are addressing it. If it is indeed a broken collarbone (maybe it’s not?), we’ve got to assume that Houston is just employing a bit of strategy in advance of the Elon game and there’s no way Schor is playing Saturday. Suiting the star QB up with a broken bone to face an Elon team that is frankly terrible, would be ridiculously risky. So let’s assume, Schor is out Saturday. Right now though JMU is in position for a playoff bye, which would give him an extra week to heal up. Could Houston possibly mean that Schor would be ready to go the week after that? Or is he just being optimistic and saying Schor could return late in the playoffs? No way to know for sure, but we’re more optimistic about things than we were a few days ago.


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  1. Drake / Nov 15 2016

    I’m hoping we get more concrete news as the week progresses. I have a question on playoff seeding and home games. I know they typically bid for that first round to host a home game, but if JMU were ranked in the top 4, would they have a home game unless they played a higher seed? It doesn’t make much sense to earn the seeding if it doesn’t guarantee a home game.

  2. smith / Nov 15 2016

    Drake, any seed (1-8) guarantees at least one home game, no bidding required. Seed’s 1-4 are guaranteed 2 home games (so long as they win) and seeds 1 & 2 have homefield until the Championship game.

  3. Drake / Nov 15 2016

    Thanks. I’m assuming that if 1 or 2 seeds lose, then the home game would be the highest seed remaining?

  4. Xerk / Nov 15 2016

    He’s just keeping Elon guessing at this point, but no way Schor plays in an essentially meaningless game against a terrible team. It’s Cole Johnson time.

  5. maddukes98 / Nov 15 2016

    I say sit the entire 1st team offense – why risk any more injuries on a game that is meaningless.

  6. OBXDuke1983 / Nov 15 2016

    I would not call the Elon game meaningless. A loss to Elon would eliminate any chance of a top 4 seed. Back off the throttle early, yes. But I hope the team is not going into this game thinking all they have to do is show up. That is not a good mindset.

  7. Jackson Hall / Nov 15 2016

    Meaningless and time to bring back Matt Brady

  8. Rob / Nov 16 2016

    It’s absolutely not meaningless. The committee has JMU with the #4 seed, with SHSU and Citadel right behind the Dukes. Both those teams face stronger opponents than JMU (#11 Central Arkansas, and FBS UNC respectively) and could conceivable jump JMU with wins and a less than impressive showing from the Dukes.

  9. maddukes98 / Nov 16 2016

    The difference between a #4 and #5 through #8 is fairly minimal, yes one extra home game, but at what cost? Do you really put Schor out there and risk the REST of the post-season? I don’t think we drop to below #8 in any scenario – even if we lost so as long as we didn’t risk getting the first round bye then I am fine with sitting folks (especially Schor). We have a D-1 back-up from SC – why not let him show his stuff. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me to risk having Schor in there so I will respectfully disagree with all of you on this one. The committee would see our complete resume and while a loss wouldn’t be great, it wouldn’t be the end of the world. The end of the world would be if Schor were to play and then get injured MORE and be done for sure. That ends our season right then and there.

  10. Rob / Nov 16 2016

    I don’t see anyone who’s advocating that Houston play Schor against Elon. Several posters and I just take objection to the notion that this weekend’s game is meaningless. It’s not. A win could help lock up the #4 seed which is a big deal. It would guarantee that JMU stayed home as long as it stayed alive up until the semi-finals. The #8 seed is probably headed to NDSU after a single home game on the other hand. I don’t see JMU dropping that far, because I think the Dukes will win this weekend. But I’d feel far better heading into the playoffs at a #4, than I would at a lower seed.

    Also, Connor Mitch, that backup from SC, is hurt and didn’t look too impressive when he saw the field prior to getting injured anyway.

  11. LD / Nov 16 2016

    And we need the bye week for Schor to heal up.. Full speed ahead. I would like to see a 40+ game from the O this week. Lock up that #4 seed.

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