Jan 2 / Rob

Championship Week is Finally Here

We’ve been waiting for over 12 years for JMU to get a chance to play for another FCS National Championship. The next few days might seem like 12 more. The point is, we’re excited for this game. Really, really excited. Fortunately, both Todd and I are going to be able to make the trip to Frisco to watch this one in person with thousands of other lucky Dukes fans. For those you who are unable to make it, you can root from home or one of any number of watch parties scheduled from coast to coast. It’s going to be one heck of an experience for everyone who roots.

We’re going to try stick to our normal football game week plan with a prediction contest and the full game day preview. We’re keeping things the same not because we’re superstitious or lazy, [Ed. Note: We are both actually.] but because we’re creatures of habit. So start thinking about your game and score predictions now. We also are knee deep in planning the tailgating and logistics for this weekend. We’re trying to get all the plans finalized before it’s wheels up for Dallas, so that we can share them here on the blog. Once tailgate plans are finalized, we’d like to extend an open invitation to all to stop by. Certainly the folks making the trip have their own agendas and meeting us probably isn’t high on any of them. It really would be great to meet at least a few of you though, so we hope some folks take us up on the invite and stop by the tailgate. And if we can’t meet you Saturday, maybe we’ll catch you Friday or Saturday night. As of right now, it’s looking like we’ll be hitting Scruffy Duffies sometime on Friday night and tailgating in the “Blue Lot” bright and early Saturday. More details to follow.


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  1. Monroe / Jan 3 2017

    Hope to meet you down there. And have 1 ticket at 50 yard line for Duke fan face value in case anyone needs one. Go Dukes!

  2. Marc / Jan 3 2017

    Will the t-shirt below be available for sale?

  3. Drake / Jan 3 2017

    Jesus, that recruiting video was awesome.

  4. The Fly / Jan 3 2017

    +1 on the video. Damn.

  5. Rob / Jan 4 2017

    @Marc unfortunately we won’t have t-shirts for sale this weekend. It’s strictly an online thing for the time being.

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