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The MRDs Are The Best Marching Band in the Country, Cause Jason Isbell Says So

isbellThe MRDs are the best marching band in country. We know that. You know that. And apparently Grammy Award winning artists do too. And not just any Grammy Award winning artists, but one of JMUSB’s undisputed favorite artists Jason Isbell.

While doing press for his latest release, “The Nashville Sound” (which you can listen to here), Isbell was interviewed by JMU alum Spencer Dukoff. Dukoff mentioned that he attended JMU, which prompted Isbell to say “Ah, the Marching Royal Dukes. They have the best marching band in the country.”

Well, there you go. We don’t want to say the MRDs just peaked, but it might be close. Now we just need to get Sturgill Simpson to give the Pep Band a shout out.


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  1. Uncle Ron / Jun 13 2017

    He’s absolutely correct and it’s always nice to see the band get some well deserved recognition. Now the ball is in the MRDs’ court. I’m sure they will get right to work on a nice arrangement of “Decoration Day” or “Alabama Pines” for this fall.

  2. The Fly / Jun 14 2017

    I’m looking for Gogol Bordello’s holla.

  3. YEEHAWDUKES / Jun 14 2017

    Sturgill did an interview with the NY Times at Jack Browns in Nashville last year. His Double Cowboy Burger with fries order was a power move.


  4. Tripp / Jun 14 2017

    So awesome, love his music and he at least appreciates ours! That’s some awesome recognition!

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