Sep 30 / Rob

Gameday: JMU vs. Delaware

JMU faces off against an improved Delaware team today in their first CAA road game of the season. Kickoff is at 3:30 PM. It should be a tough test, but we’re confident in our Dukes. We always love games against the Blue Chickens and we’re really looking forward to it. Safe journey if you’re on the road to Newark. If you’re watching this one from a bar or the couch, feel free to chat with your fellow Dukes fans here.

It’s time to Lock the Damn Gates!

Go Dukes!

Keep Rootin!


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  1. Drake / Sep 30 2017

    These loud ass commercials on the Delaware feed are going to give me a heart attack.

  2. Daddy Q / Sep 30 2017

    OMG … STOP running up the middle … !!!!!!!!

  3. Bhagavan / Sep 30 2017

    I don’t understand HOW Alls keeps getting in the field

  4. Drake / Sep 30 2017

    Penalties can be cleaned up. The d was great. Never apologize for a win. It feels like we should complain, but we do expect a lot at the moment. No injuries is a big win. Like a lot of people have mentioned, you’re going to get everyone’s best effort against you because you’re the number 1 team.

  5. Rob / Sep 30 2017

    That wasn’t pretty, but it was a W. Team looked like it really needed the bye week today. Hope they can find some way to spark the offense befor Nova.

  6. Jr / Oct 1 2017

    Dukes come away with the victory and obviously this game was very physical with a determined Blue Hen team looking for the upset. Perhaps might have happened but Joe Walker definitely one dimensional with the passing game. Better throwing QB n this game could have gone the other way.. Schor with a tremendous throw for a td that Hyman dropped.. These need to be cleaned up as the heart of that schedule especially Nova will have to be mistake free and everyone executing flawlessly. Dukes have the Bullseye on them n every team is gonna b a gunning for them!!! Go Dukes!

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