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305 Days Passed and Purple and Gold Remains Untouched; the Answer to Why You Should be There to Witness Greatness

The following is a guest post from Colleen, a current senior at JMU. 

The fans of the James Madison University Dukes know better than anyone what it means to be a part of a winning program. After the JMU football team plowed through nearly every opponent they faced in the 2016 season, eventually clenching the title of national champions on Jan. 7, 2017, JMU fans have been given plenty of reason to sing their fight song proudly. Clearly establishing themselves as the brightest team in all of the CAA, don’t they deserve to perform in front of a crowd as large as the Bridgeforth stands will hold?

Yes, JMU students have some of the greatest school spirit of all FBS schools, but winning does get tiring, even for a bunch as rowdy and spirited as the dukes. Sometimes it takes a little reminder to get them back on their feet, howling “Madison, James Madison” so here it is!

Bridgeforth Stadium pictured with the third highest attendance in its history.

JMUSportsblog challenges JMU nation to show up and show out for JMU’s last home game on Saturday, Nov. 11 at 3:30 p.m. Beating records and exemplifying greatness is what JMU does best. After all, the football team has shown us with their 21-game winning streak, which is in fact the longest winning streak left in the country, that JMU is simply meant to break records. 25,330 is the number to beat for this year, for fans in attendance; are you up for the challenge, JMU Nation?

The 2017 FCS National Champion JMU Dukes.

Better your college experience by being a part of something bigger than yourself. The JMU football dukes have earned their credibility through countless successful performances and deserve the fan base that JMU nation has to offer. Make memories that are sure to be unforgettable, while watching the only undefeated team in the country continue its streak. Dress in all black; throw gold and purple streamers; and be a part of the largest crowd in JMU history. An experience to see this undefeated Dukes team go into battle doesn’t come around every day. This is a special time for JMU Football; who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Get your tickets as soon as possible and be a part of the legacy that is JMU football.

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  1. Drake / Nov 9 2017

    God damn that makes me wanna chug a beer and scream into the nothingness.

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