Sep 15 / Todd

Back to Life, Back to Reality…

Needless to say, my Dukes cap is proudly attached to my work bag and likely to remain there at least through Liberty, but we must interrupt this broadcast to bring JMU Nation a reminder courtesy of Jazzie B. and Soul II Soul and do a quick reality check.  While it’s nice to have an extra week to celebrate, please remember what frequent commenter Uncle Ron has to say about the formerly lovable, currently insufferable Red Sox fans after their first brush with success in ’04 and not act the fool.  (Or at least pace ourselves, secure in the knowledge we’ve got till at least 2015 to lord this over our VT friends and family!)

But more importantly, we’ve also got to capitalize on the momentum by bringing our friends and fellow alums onboard the bandwagon while simultaneously warning them (and ourselves) about the perilous, terrifying, potentially soul-crushing road ahead.  What am I talking about, you say?  Check out the email list below I am grateful to have gotten today from JMUSB’s senior Richmond correspondents Landeta and Knopper.  Here are the team’s on the Dukes’ remaining schedule and their current FCS rankings:
home 15 Liberty
home 11 Delaware
away n/a Towson
home 8 New Hampshire
away 1 Villanova
home 16 Umass
away 9 UR
home 12 W&M
away n/a Maine

Get those egos in check, Mickey!

The punchdrunk Hokies may turn out to have been an easier obstacle to clear than the CAA schedule when it’s all said and done this year. Rembemb, CrApp. St. lost to both Wofford and Georgia Southern the year they beat Michigan (though they did recover to win the NC).  While this win certainly goes a long way towards showing the team the incredibly high ceiling for this year, it by no means guarantees success, or even a playoff berth, especially under the enormous weight of expectations it brings.

Now back to your regularly scheduled celebrations, PurpleOuts, and gloating.

Look for another bit of commentary on the administration’s dangerous fatwa against responsible tailgating later this week as well as updates on non-football items and NFL Dukes.

Lastly, please become a JMUSB fan on FB, follow us on Twitter, and most of all, share the blog with your fellow Dukes.  Lots of momentum this week!

Oh yeah, and don’t forget to check out the JMUSB T-Shirt shop, featuring new items which can be used to “not go overboard about last weekend!”


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  1. Sam / Sep 15 2010

    I met you guys at the first game of the season, we’re the group that sits a couple of rows behind you. I love the blog, keep up the great work! We were having a debate about which win was bigger National Championship or the win over VATech, what does the JMUSB think?

  2. Rob / Sep 15 2010

    It was nice meeting you at the first game Sam. Thanks for checking out the blog.
    Regarding your question, I want to say the Nat’l Championship, but I’ve got to go with last weekend’s win over Tech. It’s only the second time a FCS school has beaten a ranked FBS team and it’s unquestionably gotten more press. I think Todd would disagree, but the Tech win gets my vote.

  3. Todd / Sep 15 2010

    Great meeting you too Sam and looking forward to Liberty! I’ll stick with the NC b/c I think everything that’s happened since, including this weekend, wouldn’t have been possible without that cornerstone.
    1) NC over Montana
    2) VT
    3) App. St. ’08 Comeback
    4) WM semi ’04 First big t.v. game to build for NC
    5) Richmond ’08 Scotty

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