May 5 / Todd

Why you NEVER miss the Coaches Caravan!

Seriously, this is an event you people need to stop sleeping on, because you just never know what fabulous nugget you’ll find.  Last night, the alumni king of “Madison College” showed up and shared this beauty.  Needless to say: DAGGER!!!!

The Man, The Myth, The JAC Card!

Really, it’s just impossible to write anything else remotely as interesting as that little pornstache/mullet combo, which I’m sure Buck will be glad is buried under an avalanche of Caps Fail and Garyland coverage. Will Agent Steinzzz even uncover this little piece of gold is really the only remaining mystery?

But the annual Coach’s Caravan was outstanding, and in all seriousness it’s pretty damn cool that the absolute pimpiest, not to mention friendliest, announcer in town is such a passionate Dukes supporter.  Thanks so much to Buckhantz for being so generous with his time at this event for another year!

Here are just a few highlights of last night’s festivities (all quotes are accurate if not exact):

Coach Kenny Brooks (Women’s Hoops) was asked what he’ll do now that the ladies are losing all-time CAA leading scorer and all-around best Duke ever Dawn Evans?  His answer, “Win.”

Coach Matt Brady (Men’s Hoops) did not temper his comments about now former Duke Denzel Bowles (yes, he left the ‘Burg the minute the season ended).  “We had the best offensive player in the league, but also the worst defensive center.  To win in this league you’re best player has to be your hardest worker but our best player was our least hardest worker.  We may not win as many regular season games next year, but we WILL be a better team.  Two years from now will be our best team.”

Coach Mickey Matthews gave a bunch of good Mickeyisms that I can never piece back together when I really think about them the next day and a little bit of insight on the QB situation after spring practice.  It appears Justin Thorpe is the current frontrunner (“he’s just older, played the position at this level and it shows”) but is not necessarily fully healed, Billy Cosh (transfer from Kansas St. has “a howitzer, can really sling it”) is next, and Jace Edwards (really good spring) is still in the mix.  Appears this situation will remain fluid, likely through summer practice, training camp, and probably both the UNC and CCSU games if past history is any indication.  Hey, it wouldn’t be Dukes football without this business!

Let us know if you think we might forget any particular bands for this summer’s late 90’s JMU/Virginia music scene Sweet 16, set to kick off Memorial Day.


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  1. tedward / May 6 2011

    what a great comment by Brady. Makes you like him a little more. At least I do.

  2. Rob / May 6 2011

    I had the exact same reaction Tedward. Brady didn’t say it in a mean way and it didn’t come across like he was trashing Bowles. He was just being honest. It was refreshing to hear that sort of objectivity from someone is his position.

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