Apr 8 / Rob

Arthur Moats Will Not Steal Your Chair Mr. Orakpo

Arthur Moats, not a chair stealer.

Arthur Moats has been busy lately visiting with a number of NFL teams for pre-draft interviews. He’s met with Buffalo, Philly, and New England amongst other teams. Patriots Daily conducted an extensive Q&A with Moats about his experiences thus far. In the interview, which is a must read for JMU fans, Moats talks about one of the stranger questions he’s been asked:

I was with the Redskins, and the guy asked me, if I’m coming into camp, I’m 30 minutes early, I’m sitting in the front row of the meeting room. Brian Orakpo walks in and says, “That’s my chair.” Am I going to get up and give him my spot, or am I going to sit there and fight him for a chair? … You know, I was just like, I’ll slide over, because I mean, he’s the million-dollar man; it’s not that important. So he was like, “Oh, so you’re scared of him?” And I was like, no. And he was like, “So why don’t you go fight him?” There was kind of like no right answer to the question and everything, the way he was asking it.

Seriously? That’s what NFL teams ask potential draft picks? Shocking. It sounds like one of the questions that they prepped us for in b-school before we interviewed for investment banking or consulting gigs. I assumed that the only people who’d ever ask questions that stupid were bitter MBA’s who had to answer them when they were interviewing. Either I was wrong, or the Redskins scouting department is run by a bunch of MBA’s (which means the interview was undoubtedly summarized in a jargon filled powerpoint deck).  In any case, go give the interview a read. It’s pretty good.


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  1. Todd / Apr 8 2010

    I have no doubt whatsoever that question was posed by DannyDoucheBoy himself!

  2. Mr. RLW / Apr 9 2010


    Yeah so this honestly sounds to me, like a veiled way of judging the type of personality Moats has. Aggressive v. Passive… hot-head v. even-keeled… overly intense v. reasonable.

    Its too easy to come out and ask a guy about how he is and his personality traits. You’ll more than often receive a “practiced” answer versus the real one. If you catch a guy off-guard and get him out of his robotic programmed mode, you’re more apt to get the real him.

    Just a thought…

  3. Joe / Apr 9 2010

    Just get up, sit on the floor, and claim that it’s YOUR floor and everyone has to have permission to walk on it.

  4. million / Apr 9 2010

    jus smear poop on it and ask him if it’s still his chair. i smear everything.

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