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Guest Post: Evolution of the JMU Program and Haters

Chris won last week’s prediction contest. As you can read below, it’s his second time winning. Hopefully the Dukes have better luck in their follow up game this time. 

It has been a while.  The last time I won this prediction contest was in 2014, when I predicated a blowout against Elon.  Then, we lost in the cold wind and rain to Liberty the following week, dropping us unceremoniously out of the playoffs, in the first round.  So, yeah that pretty much sucked and if we lose to the nerds this weekend, I promise that I will never write one of these again.

Anywho… so yeah, a lot has changed since then, mostly for the better (as far as our beloved football Dukes are concerned).  We won a national title, and came within a touchdown of winning another. We have one of the best, if not the best head coach at this level.  We have a good brand. We got a lot going for us which garners national attention.

For the most part, the spotlight is a good thing.  We got two, count ‘em TWO College Gameday visits, something that I would never have thought possible.  JMU stepped up with an awesome crowd, and plenty of enthusiasm. On the flip side, if you had read the Gameday twitter, or their Facebook page comments, you’d know that people come out of the woodwork to poop all over our school.  “That’s a pretty nice COMMUNITY COLLEGE,” some jerk said, and there were plenty more, even less flattering than that.

The Ticks are always going to hate us and us them, and that’s all good because we’re rivals and that’s ok.  But now, we have to deal with the entire Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC). The MVFC is like the CAA, they are a strong conference year in and year out.  They have this weird incestuous thing going on though, and it’s difficult to describe.

Essentially:  North Dakota State has been the standard bearer in FCS football for the past 5 of the past 7 years.  The Dukes have challenged them. The REST of the MVFC aren’t having it. They are none too pleased. They have this mentality that if their team is a #5 or #6 team, that’s okay, because the MVFC is the toughest conference, and if JMU were in their conference, JMU would have a .500 record because they’re so awesome.  A threat to one is a threat to all in the MVFC, they’re like the king of football conferences; except they’re all pasty and bloated.

Oh well, F them.  Anyway, I could ramble on forever about the Sagarin ratings and what a total crock that is, but I’ll end on a positive note.  I like our chances this season; I’d like to see us go with a deep pass a few more times, but other than that, no complaints this year.  GO DUKES! BEAT EVERYONE!


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  1. JrB / Sep 20 2018

    Just wanna mention that Ben Denuci has been a real surprise for me so far this year…other then transferring in from Pitt I really didn’t know much about him but I must say I’m really impressed!! kinda plays w a chip on his shoulder and displays a lot of athleticism and very accurate throwing the ball… I believe we found our guy!!! Go Dukes!

  2. Chris DiAntonio / Sep 20 2018

    ^^^Not to mention DiNucci’s swagger…I mean, come on… when he rushes for a first down, gets up, and does that two-handed finger-gun first down point….or let’s not forget the NC State sideline staredown. He has swagger.

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