Um, it’s pretty self explanatory from the title, don’t you think? This is blog about JMU sports. Rob & Todd are just two JMU alums who love the Dukes. They don’t claim to have any access, expertise, or insight, because, well, they don’t. They do have opinions and hopefully some interesting takes on JMU athletics. That is all. Get back to the blog now.


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  1. Bruce Bauer / Jan 1 2010

    Todd & Rob- Thanks for the heads up on this link and this is a good web site. I do enjoy it. I’ll make sure to keep reading. -Bruce (Class of 97).

  2. Mark B. / Jan 10 2010

    I appreciate the great updates, especially since I have yet to subscribe to the DNR. Keeps me excited about the Dukes!

  3. 2004 Duke / Jan 6 2011

    I love this website. I check it a few times a week!

    I’m in the 757 and it’s a long drive to the Burg.

  4. Chris G / Feb 21 2011

    Glad to have stumbled upon this blog! Great work guys

  5. Jim H / Oct 21 2011

    Enjoy reading the blog several times a week. Thanks for doing it and keep up the great job! Go Dukes! Class of 81.

  6. TheQuadSpeaks / Feb 3 2012

    Okay, I can post here now that I know I’m not the oldest one reading the blog 🙂 [Class of 87]

  7. David Chadwick / Aug 1 2012

    So i’ve been reading and checking in on this website for a little while now, maybe a year or so, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. I have to admit, I actually go to WIlliam & Mary! But wait, before the hate, hear me out. As we all know William & Mary’s #1 focus goes on academics, NOT to say that JMU’s doesn’t, because JMU is a great school with a high ceiling. But because of this large focus among the student body and alumni of W&M, there aren’t many die hard sports fans (like myself). So one day I found myself perusing the internet, looking for CAA sports information and came across the JMU sports blog. My girlfriend of 2+ years actually goes to JMU (yes she’s awesome), so I have no ill will toward the Dukes, and I actually root for them in any game they’re not playing William & Mary! So as a result, I have adopted the Dukes as the second closest team that I follow. Checking in with this blog helps me indirectly gain knowledge of my Tribe as well as check in on the Dukes of Harrisonburg. I’ll admit that I also bought my girlfriend and I 2 tickets to the JMU vs. WVU football game on the JMU side! Keep up the awesome work on the blog and Go Tribe/Dukes!!!

  8. Rob / Aug 6 2012

    Thanks for the kind words David. It’s always great to have fans of other CAA programs reading the blog…especially when they’re smart enough to date a JMU woman.

  9. Lawrence / Sep 17 2012

    Reply to David Chadwick from W&M…..some nice comments but……to be a W&M alumn, your English grammar gets an “F”. Your comment “I’ll admit that I also bought my girlfriend and I 2 tickets to the JMU vs. WVU football game on the JMU side!”…..Should be…..Mmy girlfriend and ME” Yikes how embarrassing for an brainy William and Mary grad.

  10. TJ / Oct 24 2012

    Hey do you guys have a personal email I can contact you at? Shoot me a quick email GameDayInsiders@gmail.com

  11. Alfred Smith / Oct 31 2012


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  12. Andy / Nov 13 2012

    Must win against ODU and then need to hope for an at-large invitation ….

  13. Janice Crawford / Feb 11 2013


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  14. Josef Rantamaki / Mar 4 2013


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  16. Jeff B. / Aug 2 2013

    Since “big time” College Football is “all about the money” …

    And since Maryland (University of) is leaving the ACC for the Big 10 (actually 12) … but then with Maryland, 13 … in 2014 …

    There is a BIG hole in the ACC’s revenue stream with Maryland’s departure … the ACC needs a team that will grab the attention (and the advertising revenue) of the DC metro area …. granted, UVa is ‘kinda close, but so is JMU! A lot of alumni are from the DC metro area, and live in the DC metro area …

    Prediction … JMU to the ACC !

    Remember, you heard it first here on “JMU Sports Blog”!

  17. pierre / Nov 25 2013

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  18. Adam / Dec 10 2013

    Great blog, 1st place I check to follow JMU. Check out this misprint on ESPN for the list of 35 bowl games – check bowl game #28


  19. Rob / Dec 10 2013

    Haha. Someone else pointed that our as well. Funny mix-up.

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  21. Chase Melton / Apr 30 2014


    Wanted to pass along some good info. I was at the Coaches Caravan last night in Great Falls,VA where Coach Withers, Coach Brady, and Jeff Bourne attended and answered questions.

    Here are some highlights you may be interested in:

    I got a chance to talk to Coach Withers 1-1, and besides him being very friendly he also answered my questions in depth. I asked about what offensive schemes/ideology he would carry forward now that he has seen some of the talent. He noted they are still making moves in the WR corps. They are heavily recruiting this area to get depth and size. They are also moving people around on the line, and he said they still needed some work.

    He wants to reach for 85-90 plays a game (when the AVG is around 65), constant no-huddle, and air it out.

    I also asked about the other side of the ball. I stated that the fanbase (at least IMO) was frustrated with how Mickey utilized the defensive backfield and always played a prevent style. With a smirk, he said they would be pressing up on receivers..

    In the panel discussion, the Birdsong situation came up. Basically, Withers told both he wanted a competition for the position. They went back and forth having good and bad days. I’ll paraphrase him by saying, “As we all know, Lee had a great Spring game, and Birdsong didn’t. After that, one of them came to me and was not willing to compete anymore.”

    JMU is also open to having throwback unis in the future.. apparently Coach Withers wants the chrome helmets Oregon has haha

    Lastly, did conference realignment come up? Yes. Did Bourne reveal much of anything? No.

  22. Jeff Butchko / Apr 30 2014

    Yes, JMU NEEDS to get out of the CAA and into a “big boy” football conference. Ideally, that would be the ACC, especially with Maryland gone, but that window was short and is closed ….

    Now, what conference would be next? AAC, B10, B12, CUSA … ? I guess CUSA is the most promising but schools are scattered across the continent…

    Perhaps JMU should become INDEPENDENT and cobble together a schedule that makes sense …. Play Tech, UVa, Maryland, WVU … Clemson, Duke whoever … schools that match our profile and are “close to home” … and then perhaps JMU football would become relevant

  23. Rob / Apr 30 2014

    Thanks for the update Chase. We were actually in attendance as well. We wish would have had a chance to chat with you and any other readers that were there, but we never had to coordinate things. In any case, we appreciate your take on things.

  24. Craig Cook / Nov 17 2014

    JMU 78′ grad here……this is a great place to check in for All Dukes, All the Time content. As a former football alum back in the dark ages of JMU ( or rather, Madison College! ) football it’s nice to see the fan passion!
    What is the latest rumors on the Dukes going to FBS, ala’ ODU?
    …..Don’t think we need to any time soon, but with the school growth I think it really should be in the future plans.

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  26. Frank Ridgway / Jan 17 2015

    Guys……I assume you’re aware, but just in case, JMU Alum Kirk Cox is advancing a bill that, if passed, will kill JMU Athletics. We need to mobilize JMU Nation on this. Help!


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  28. Bruce Bauer / Apr 21 2015

    Todd & Rob- Hope you guys are doing great. I wanted to go watch a JMU football game this upcoming fall season with some old friends and maybe the fam as well. Would you have a recommendation as to the better games / rivalries, etc.? I haven’t been able to stay on top of JMU sports as well as you. 🙂

    Thanks in advance.


  29. Rob / May 7 2015

    Hey Bruce. Hope you’re doing well too. If you haven’t been back to a game in a while & you’re going back with friends, we’d recommend shooting for the Richmond game on October 24. It’s Homecoming, so they’ll be a good crowd and good tailgating, and it’s a good conference match-up. The regular season finale against Villanova might be a bigger game, but since it’s just before Thanksgiving, the crowd will probably be a lot lighter and the tailgating scene will be quieter.

  30. Bruce Bauer / May 8 2015

    Agreed! Thanks buddy. Great job on the web site.

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  32. John Carr / Jun 3 2015

    JMU Men’s Rugby just won the Division II USA Rugby 7s National Championship. It was broadcast on ESPN U.

  33. Ray Cilimberg / Apr 2 2016

    How do I reach you guys privately? Don’t wish to have a public discussion on this blog.


  34. Carter Robinson / Jan 9 2017

    I wanted to say THANKS to you for running the JMUSB. My daughter was at the game this past weekend. she is a 2014 grad in engineering. and since I discovered the blog I have kept abreast of the Dukes football. I saw your notice about the tailgate, and the BOTW. sent those to her and she was one of the many to come to your gathering before the game. I understand that she was there when they stormed the field as well. Most importantly, this site was where it was first discovered that Youngstown had released so many tickets. So my daughter and many others were able to get tickets to the game.
    Keep up the good work, and I will hope to see you in Frisco next year as well.

  35. Claire Sullivan / Oct 16 2017

    Rob and Todd,

    Our family of Dukes need those shirts!! Can you post a link, please?


  36. Stephen / Nov 9 2017

    Hey guys, have you thought about interviewing Brian McLaughlin from HERO sports either next week or after the season ends about his rankings and thoughts on the CAA and playoffs seeds? I think it would be a great segment for your podcast. All the best!

  37. Doug E / Dec 17 2017

    Thanks for all the work you put in. Went to Pale Fire before heading over to the game yesterday. Had a great time. Really cool place and good beer and have to share what I overheard.

    There were a couple of groups there celebrating graduation. A young JMU grad walks up to the bar and says “my Grandma would like another beer”. I thought it was really cool and it gave me confidence that it would be a good day for the Dukes.

  38. Rob / Dec 17 2017

    That’s fantastic. Glad you enjoyed Pale Fire. It’s one of the cooler tasting rooms we’ve visited.

  39. Craig / Jan 6 2018

    As an avid Bison fan, I would like to congratulate the Dukes on a hard fought game. We will see you guys next year, what a class act you are

  40. Rob / Jan 7 2018

    Thanks Craig. Congrats on the championship victory!

  41. sekudog / Sep 6 2018

    Rob just curious about your formula for the prediction winner – last week i picked 24-17 NC State, the winner picked 23-16…..the score was 24-13, we both had a 7 point spread, I nailed the NC State score but was off 4 on our side.

    I really am just curious I would have likely declined the guest post anyway as I was up late thinking “shit I have to come up with a guest blog” thinking i won.

    I really don’t want to guest blog but am curious how you choose the winner when it is close like that.



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  47. kevin / Jan 12 2023

    i know you are part time at this job, but gosh, would be really good if you could keep it up to date? perhaps recruit some young bucks to assist? Not me! i’m and old phart from the ancient MC days…..thanks – do enjoy your site!

  48. Mark Barker / Sep 17 2023

    Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the mention in the UVA post game podcast about chatting with us on the way back to our vehicles. My friend Paul and I were happy to get to chat with you.

    I’m just getting around to listening to last week’s podcast. Made my Sunday night!

    Go Dukes!

    Mark Barker ’84

  49. Mike Weber / Nov 6 2023

    What is the deal with Palmer? As a freshman, we were excited about having a young power runner with his abilities. I can only conclude that a lack of ball control has gotten him on Cignetti’s bad side. He finally got in against Ga. Southern after an absence of a couple of games, bobbled the ball and was distraught when benched after the play. Is he done at JMU?

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