Nov 6 / Rob

JMUSB Pod: Turning the Page

In this episode of the JMUSB podcast, we discuss the brutal and disappointing, but not quite devastating, loss to New Hampshire. And of course we talk about the QB controversy and try to figure out what the heck is going on with the offense. Then we wrap things up with a bit of a palate cleanser, while we talk about some of the college hoops venues we’d most like to visit.

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  1. Dion Foxx / Nov 6 2018

    Elimination football the rest of the way, folks.

  2. Scotty / Nov 6 2018

    Maybe because there’s more uncertainty and we’re no longer dominating each week, your podcast this week was really refreshing and one of your best in a long time. You did a great job of taking an objective look at JMU football at this stage in the season without becoming haters or apologists.
    I really didn’t see the Houston pulling the trigger on Cojo coming. I’m betting Cojo hasn’t been getting any 1st team snaps and hadn’t taken a meaningful snap in a game since Elon as a freshman. I personally believe that Houston is a conservative coach and would prefer to win with special teams and defense while having a low-risk offense; much like Saban did at Alabama until Tua showed up. Ben likely won what appeared to be a very close race because of his experience and his more Schor-like skill set. His strengths favor high percentage short completions that allow the receivers to try and make plays after catching the ball. Without a running game, the offense is going to be limited with his style of play.
    Cole is likely seen as a higher risk/higher reward option that may make Houston a little nervous. I have to admit that even I was holding my breath a bit when those passes started flying 15-20 yards down the middle of the field at UNH. It seemed like Cole became more comfortable as the game went along and did better as the offense went into a more high tempo no-huddle mode. He is better able to utilize all of the weapons JMU has. Also, he was much more mobile than anyone has been giving him credit for over the past year. Only one of his interceptions was due to a poor decision/throw; however, the turnovers, no matter how you want to classify them, killed us each time we looked like we were getting back into the game. You can throw for 1000 yards but still lose if you turn it over each time you get close to scoring. I would like to see what Cole could do with an entire week of practicing as the #1 QB and a game plan based on his strengths. Would the running game start to open up if the safeties had to start playing deeper and the LB’s had to focus on TE’s or receivers coming over the middle? Would the JMU defense be able to play even more aggressively if we jumped out to a big lead like UNH’s seemed to do? Would he be able to cut down turnovers close to what we had with Schor last year?
    I haven’t seen it mentioned but Johnson was limping for most of the 4th quarter and his ankle had tape over his cleat after a trip to the sideline. Houston would never show his hand, especially before a big game like this, but I’m not sure if he has an injury that may affect his ability to play this week. Thanks again for a great podcast – this week will probably be the most important of the season in terms of defining how this season ends and how the next one begins.

  3. Rob / Nov 7 2018

    @Scotty we appreciate the kind words about the pod. Tough loss last weekend, but we really think that this can be more of a turning point, than the start of a downward trend.

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